Top 3 Best LED Grow Lights for your Cannabis: Search for the Best Grow Light under $300

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Growing your own cannabis at home is very beneficial for people who need them on a regular basis. Be it medical or for recreational purposes, growing your own cannabis is relatively cheaper and the hassles of purchasing medical marijuana becomes virtually nonexistent. One of the things that can make growing cannabis easier and more efficient is the use of good LED grow lights. And it sure is a plus to find the best LED grow lights at under $300!

The Top LED Grow Lights Under $300

Ensuring that your cannabis yield is good shouldn’t be expensive. Hence, finding the best LED grow lights that won’t break the bank is the most cost effective. The following are the 3 of the best grow lights under $300.

King Plus 2000W: Is it the Best LED Grow Light Under $300?

With 10W LEDs, the King Plus 2000W shines brighter than the traditional 3W and 5W LEDs. Couple this with the scientifically engineered balance of the PAR (photosynthetically available radiation) per lumen output and the coverage of the light output and the King Plus becomes the more efficient LED. The King Plus 2000W also just consumes 0.38kW per hour making it a better energy-saver than traditional HS/MH lamps.

As is with all the top LED grow lights, the King Plus 2000W is also able to output the full spectrum of light needed by cannabis: red, blue, yellow, white, infrared and UV. This ensures that your cannabis is receiving light similar to natural sunlight which all plants need.

With a very efficient cooling system, you won’t worry about your LEDs dying out soon because of overheating. And to further ease your worries, King Plus 2000W offers a 3-year warranty on their product. A definite plus for an already good LED grow light.

Mars Hydro 400W LED Grow Light

The Mars Hydro 400W produces more red and blue PAR per watt than other LED grow lights at its price. This makes it one of the best led grow lights to realize more yield at this price range! With its innovative cup design, a 2x2 ft growing area of cannabis is sure to achieve 100% of its output. The Mars Hydro 400W also has a vegetative and bloom switch for maximum efficiency of the output light.

The Mars Hydro also comes with a 3-year warranty and a 30-day no frills return guarantee if you run into any problems with the grow light.

Viparspectra Reflector Series 600W

The Viparspectrsa needs no introduction really. As one our top-reviewed LED grow light, it is sure to make the list of the best LED grow lights under $300. It would even make it even if we increase the price range to 500$. That’s just how good the Viparspectra is.

The Best LED Grow Lights: Honorable Mentions in the Top LED Grow Lights List

Though we only listed three of the best LED grow lights, know that there are countless more available in the market. Some of the honorable mentions in the sub-$300 category are the following:

  • Philzon 1200W LED grow light

  • BestVA DC 2000W LED full spectrum grow light

  • HIGROW 1500W Double chips LED grow light

  • RECORDcent 1000W LED grow light

  • Cree High Intensity 100W full spectrum cob LED grow light among others

Though the options are numerous, with sufficient research, finding the perfect LED grow light has a very HIGH possibility!

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