Top 15 Social Media Marketing Interview Questions in 2022

by Ankit k. Digital Marketer

A form of internet marketing known as "social media marketing" uses social networking sites as a marketing tool. The major goals of social media marketing are to expand the company's brand and make it easier for customers to contact the business. Jobs are available in the market as a result of the fact that many businesses are looking forward to using social media sites for their product campaigning and that this medium plays an effective function in promoting business. Therefore, start preparing by reviewing the social media marketing interview questions and answers on our website, and then show up for the interview.

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is social media marketing. Check out the list of top 15 social media marketing interview questions if you're looking for a career in digital marketing.

Top 15 Social Media Marketing Interview Questions

1. What is social media marketing?

Utilizing social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others to market goods or services in an effort to attract clients is known as social media marketing.

2. How may social media help a company?

The most significant benefit of social media for organizations is the ability to communicate with customers. Social media has permanently changed how businesses must do business by allowing customers or consumers to speak with brands directly.

3. Specify one tactic that will enable you to be a successful social media marketer.

Integrity is important. It's crucial to be sincere while interviewing with any organization, whether their target market is corporations or consumers. Brands can establish their credibility with consumers in this way.

4. Which social media channels should my company create an account on?

Depending on whether the company is a B2B or B2C one, the answer to this query may differ. Depending on the kind of organization you're interviewing with, get ready to respond.

5. Describe how you go about making your social media calendar.

This query aims to distinguish between social media managers and enthusiasts. Ascertain that you are aware of and are able to describe a range of social media marketing best practices.

6. What sets you apart from the other applicants?

You should be well-versed in the functioning of the organization to properly respond to this social media interview question. Inform the interviewer of the value you can provide to the organization, emphasize the special skills you have, and discuss your plans for the company's expansion.

7. What major accomplishments did you make in your former position?

Storytelling is similar to how to respond to this social media interview question. When discussing your successes, be explicit. Mention the issue you resolved and your specific solution in detail. It will aid the interviewer in understanding your perspective on the job.

8. Which marketing KPIs should be monitored the most?

Unsurprisingly, the answer to this question will depend on the type of company you are interviewing with. Answer this question with your recommendations based on what you've learned about their company by researching their online presence.

9. How should a business evaluate the performance of its social media marketing?

Depending on the organization, the answer to this question will vary. You can provide a broad response to this query by citing several examples, such as:

  • Track material downloads, online purchases, webinar registrations, online lead generation form submissions, and other conversion-related activities. You can determine how many people acted as a result of each by using these measures.
  • If engagement is the aim, find out how many people are contributing to the discussion by counting the number of comments, replies, reposts, and retweets the postings are receiving.
  • If raising awareness is your goal, consider the reach, volume, and exposure to determine how far your message has travelled.
  • Track clicks, URL shares, and conversions as well as the routes users take to access different pages on your website if you want to increase traffic.

10. What methods or tools do you employ to evaluate the efficacy of your social media campaigns? How will you use what you've learned in future campaign planning?

There are numerous technologies available for use by businesses in social media marketing. You should be aware of different tools and be able to use the most popular ones. For instance, the tools used by a business with only five people could be distinct from those used by a major multinational. You don't have to be familiar with every aspect of each tool or every technique; simply list the ones you are familiar with.

Pro tip: Find out what tools your interviewer uses so you can prepare before starting the job.

11. Describe your most effective social media campaign to date. What did you discover?

This question, a variation of the well-known "what is your proudest accomplishment" query, is almost certain to come up during an interview. Prepare for this one by describing the campaign's fundamentals. Bring some notes with you so you can refer to them if you can't remember everything.

12. Did you look at our social media pages? What aspects of it did you enjoy and dislike?

You must be aware of a company's social media strategy before applying for social media roles there. Before your social media interview, extensively investigate all of their channels. It's also crucial to draw conclusions from your observations and compile a list of suggestions. This will aid the interviewer in comprehending your background.

13. What do our rivals' social media activities look like?

For the purpose of creating brand strategy and growth, competitor analysis is crucial. You ought to be aware of your rivals' identities and skill sets. The interviewer will learn more about your ability to conduct research and how well-prepared you are for the interview if you respond to this question properly.

14. Please provide me with a few examples of social media experiments that you would like to do for our company.

When it comes to social media, there is no universal solution. Communities change, and trends change. A competent social media expert is always seeking fresh methods to interact with their audience. Additionally, they must understand how to apply the findings of their research to guide subsequent initiatives.

15. Let's say one of our social media outlets is experiencing a crisis. What do you do about it?

No one enjoys it, but in the modern digital age, mistakes can occasionally be made on social media. An excellent social media specialist can outline the measures they would take to address the issue. They should adhere to your best practices if you have them; if not, they should assist in developing them.


Our guide to social media marketing interview questions and answers is now complete. Our manual social media marketing interview questions are intended to be useful. To keep you informed, we will frequently update the guide of social media marketing interview questions.

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