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Anniversaries are meant to be a celebration of the lives of people who have been there with you for a good chunk of their life. Adding sweet memories to your life by each small and big gestures they do for you, they contribute to your life in more ways than one. Whether you have a newbie relationship or have been each other’s back since years’ anniversaries help you to go back to those special moments that make your relationship more concrete.

When it comes to sweet gestures there’s nothing that can compensate than the sweetest gift of all i.e. cakes. With their soft fluffy bread, rich icing and creamy buttercream, a cake is the highlight of every celebration you have planned. Whether you plan to stay in and have a candlelight dinner or throw an extravagant party, the romantic anniversary cakes online which make this list are bound to be the life of the party and ensure you and your partner have a gala time.


1. Red Velvet cake- This trendy cake has quite a fan base and is quite popular on weddings and valentines. The red and white color of the bread and cream just shouting love there's no question of it being overtly romantic. With the red symbolizing passion and the white standing for the innocence that defines your relationship, the underlying theme of this cake is love itself. You can order a red velvet cake for your loved one which is also available in a heart shape to convey your message of love in a very expressive and romantic manner. These lovely red and white cakes are perfect not only on the anniversary.


2. Photo Cakes-Cakes have always been experimented with, and photo cakes are a result of the flexibility in cakes and its designs. Although cakes have a shorter shelf life, photo cakes are no exception to that but they certainly leave an impact on your loved ones for being a romantic gesture. When this lovely treat is covered with photographic evidence of the love you both share, your cakes become more than just a gift but gives your loved one a sensory overload besides, making them sugar high. A photo cake is thus, a perfect present that can be ordered via cakes delivery online.


3. Gems Cake- What happens when you have two of your favorite things thrown together? It’s simple-the joy gets doubled. Therefore, when your sweet cake is covered in colorful gems the result will be visible on your partner’s face that would have been beaming with joy. For your anniversary you can order a gems cake made for your partner and wait for their reaction as they witness this delicious treat that transports them to happy childhood days. This wonderful treat may be childish but it will surely bring out the child inside your significant other.


4. Chocolate Wonderland- Chocolates have an equal amount of mischief and sweetness that calls out to you, day and night. These lovely treats with its decadent taste seduces you till your craving for chocolates become insatiable. A chocolate cake is, therefore, a legitimate addiction that seems to be a cure for everything, and perfect as a romantic anniversary cake. From chocolate truffle to chocolate fudge, chocolate mud cake, and other chocolate flavors, your loved one would love to devour these awesome and sumptuous treats, all in one go when you order it via midnight cakes delivery.


5. Designer Cakes - Designer cakes are the trend this season as these cakes are nothing short of edible masterpieces that leaves you awestruck. For your anniversary, you can order a designer cake that either follows a theme or certain quirks of your loved one’s personality. A designer cakes is a wonderful way to show love to your significant other and romance them in a very creative manner. Also, these cakes need not follow the dimensions of a normal cake, and you will be surprised to witness what some fondant and modeling chocolate can do.


6. Nude Cakes- If you and your partner are not a fan of icing and cream then a nude cake is just the thing you need. Gaining popularity on their own, these nude cakes can be equally serious and fun when adorned with flowers or fresh fruits, like berries. In a canvas as blank as these nude cakes, these flowers and fruits bring out the color and make it all the more alluring along with being a romantic anniversary cake. These cakes are beautiful without any artificial embellishments and symbolizing the sweetness of your relationship that permeates throughout, even when any all the layers are stripped off.


7. Wedding Cake Replica- It is impossible not to look back on your wedding day when it's your anniversary, especially when you remember the ‘I do’s’ and 'cake cutting ceremony'. This year, you can revisit those memories with a replica of your wedding cake as a stand for a happy anniversary cake. As this miniature version of your wedding cake transports your partner to that momentous occasion, they will be touched by this romantic gesture of yours that will leave their taste buds on a happy note. So hurry and try it out if you haven’t done it before and watch your partner go all sentimental by this achingly sweet gesture.


8. A Flower Bouquet Cake- Flowers are the absolute expression of love to convey your love. The most classic example of love- flowers, is a mandatory and inherent part of any relationship. For your anniversary instead of going for actual flowers, say love with a cake that resembles an actual bouquet. With sugar flowers in all colors of the rainbow and resembling every variety of flowers under the sun, this combination of sweet cake and sophisticated online flowers is just the thing to brighten up the spirits and make the day more special.


9. Rose icing Cupcakes-Cupcakes are love in a pocket-sized form and as nibble on each bite resembling an eternal bliss.  To surprise your partner, send them a dozen cupcakes with icing that resembles rose petals. Cupcakes are love, themselves, and when doused in icing that looks like rose petals, there’s nothing more romantic or sweeter than that.


10. Cheesecake- Cheesecakes need not be baked and can even be made at home itself. Available in various flavors like blueberry and Oreo cheesecake, this lovely dessert is a delight to the taste buds which your loved one can feast upon as your order this romantic anniversary cake.


11.Lava Cake- A lava cake is a wonderful way to surprise your loved one. With an outer portion consisting of a solid cake and the inside filled with molten chocolate, milk chocolate, jelly beans and gems which flows like lava when you cut it, this lava cake is aptly named. Your partner won’t be able to resist this awesome creation when you order it for your anniversary gifts online and watch the surprise reveal.

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