Top 10 ways to become a Creative writer

by Rishab Malik Digital Marketer

Have you at any point asked why a few Writers are more effective than others?

For my entire life, I constantly needed to be an author. All I needed to do was read and describe stories. 

In secondary school many years back, I had a little fan club of friends who gathered around me to hear stories from the books I had read. 

They involved in lunchtimes and taken Time from lectures. 

Thinking back, those periods throughout my life were a portion of my most joyful minutes growing up. I thought I was entirely acceptable. My friends revealed to me I was acceptable at describing. For quite a while, I realized I had a chance to be a decent author. 

Be that as it may, life took me on another journey and my fantasy to compose was ignored for quite a while. 

I have rediscovered that fantasy. What's more, this time I need to stay with it and be fruitful at it. While I need to be an extraordinary writer sometime in the future.

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1. Know who you are actually

Consider yourself an author. With that declaration, comes confidence. You will build up the duty to follow up on that information. 

At the point when I composed my first sentiment novel, I didn't consider myself to be an author. I considered myself each name other than an author. I wasn't certain to talk about what I was writing with my friends. 

Fortunately, that attitude didn't keep going long. 

Claim the title gladly and watch your confidence take wings. 

Ensure that you truly need to be an author.

2. Submit yourself to an master 

I am a supporter of coaching. As authors, we are always improving. I am as yet developing and learning as an author, so are many writers, particularly the growing writers. 

We as a whole need to be experts in the art, sometime in the not so far future. It is in this manner important that we gain from the Masters. It will assist us with developing exponentially.  

3. Read books, Novels and as much you can

It is alright, to begin with, simple books and stir your way up. Attempt to read to such an area along these lines, you can get more comfortable with words. There are so many categories where you can find different type books 

4. Make a short novel regarding a matter you enjoy. 

At the point when you have completed your book, grow it. Continue doing this, yet with various types of stories, for example, History, Magic, careers, Biographies.

5. Write as regularly 

Write something consistently, regardless of whether it is just a rubbish word or a little, free song lyric. If you need to write for TV, and you can manage the cost of it, Google 'expert TV teachers' and find support from the experts. 

6. Make a journal. 

It will assist you with feeling how it is to create. Regardless of whether it is story or real. Daily journal make your writing experience more exciting towards your writing habit. you automatically think out of the box for daily journal, research on the topic google them or find some more ways to creating it more approachable.

7. Never quit

you've been sitting frozen for some time to check whether anybody favors your writing, pause! Patience is the key. Also, just in case somebody doesn't care for it, ask another person to take a flash at it. Possibly a friend or a sibling. Try not to let down your hopes! 

8. Attempt to increase your vocabulary. 

At the point when you go over another word, don't simply skip it-learn it! At that point apply some new words you've figured out how to your day by day discussion or in your writing. 

9. Try to getting some others to read and give you suggestions.

This is also the best part to figure out how interesting is your content because whenever the readers go through your Content they can give you suggestions for in which sections or part you need to improvement or growth. after, analyzing users' reviews you correct yourself.

10. Post your Content on the internet or open a blog and shift it on the web.

whether you're a starter or beginner it always mandatory to post your content to the internet or blogs because if you want to publish your content, then publishers also ask for the online content which you post it on websites like,, and also on so, if you don't post your stories or content until now, then start it now.

Finally, After reading this analyze your post or writing content whether they need some corrections or modification. whether your content is not too good but if you're habitual to writing content then you also make some money through blog posts and your hobby becomes turn into profession.

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