Top 10 UI Design Trends For 2018

by Atlasiko Inc Web Designer

Top 10 UI Design Trends For 2018

     What is user interface (UI)? UI describes the visual and interactive design of the website. From this, you can be able to gauge the importance of user interface, it is the initial thing users spot in your website or application before usage of the services provided by it. Getting the best out of user interface increases the usability, credibility and conversion rate of your website.

     To be able to get the best out of user interface, you will need to keep up with the  times, with things quickly evolving in the design industry, you have to be constantly updated with trends. Down below, are the top ten UI design trends for 2018.

  • Less navigation and quick intersection; Growing in popularity are websites with a single page where all or most of the information and content is contained. This prevents users from navigating through many pages to get the content the want and allows users to quickly access information or content they need ultimately increasing the time duration a user spends on your website, also reducing the bounce rates of your website. An example of a website with quick intersection is raison.

  • Gradient colors; Making use of gradient colors with seamless transitions has been trending of late. A website with good use of gradient colors has the advantage of having certain areas of it being amplified without the website having a bemused look and creating a compelling visual look for your website to captivate the minds of the users. For best practices on the use of gradient colors, visit bluelitdesign.

  • Typography; Speaking of typography, the bigger, the bolder, the better. Definitely, you can play with the fonts involved, when doing this, make sure the point of doing it is clear so as to maintain the usability and readability of the website. Inclusion of typography in user interface design helps  create a fascinating display of your website and at the same time pass the necessary content or information to the user.

  • 3D Graphics; Making use of 3D graphics is a possibility and you should make use of it in your typography and creation of images. Earth  2050 is a great example of a website with excellent use of 3D. Having difficulties in using 3D graphics in the  user interface design of your website or mobile application, this website design company  uses  3D graphics effectively and properly  in the UI design of the website to create an enchanting design for your website or applications.

  • Videos; Websites with videos are becoming more common on a daily basis as they gain traffic and  virality easier than other type of content because they are more engaging in social platforms. The videos you make use of should be compatible with your website i.e have the same message being sent out. Videos are not just used now for only for disseminating of content purposes, the could be also used for the background design  on your website like in

  • Images; This is another form of content growing daily. Make sure when selecting images for your content, you avoid mainstream images as this will not give your website a sense of uniqueness try to use specific images   that send out the message or goal of your website.For effective usage of images, visit  creative bloq. Images should also be described properly with alternate texts to improve accessibility of the website.

  • Mobile responsive; For your website to be able to get traffic from all types of people, it has to be mobile responsive. Having a website that is responsive on all types of medium gives you the advantage of having all types of audience, be it people who use mostly their phones for mobile searches or people in offices who use mostly desktop for searches.

  • More interaction; People like quick interaction these days, so this should be in mind when creating the design of the website. Websites should be able to quickly interact with users of the website. Interactive content specified for this need should be contained more in your website to improve the engagement of the users.

  • Custom illustrations; have been growing in popularity in 2018 for UI design trends. Custom illustrations give your website a distinguishing and peculiar look to it. Avoid popular custom as the negate the whole purpose of using custom illustrations. Custom illustrations are growing in trend because they are good in telling a story and at the same time create an exquisite design for your website.

  • Animations; The use of anime continues to grow, anime are included in images and font display of the website. Avoid excess use of animations as the slow the speed of the website. Be simple and direct when using animations. Anime quite easily  attracts users and give them an interesting experience when using the website.

   The importance of UI design cannot be doubted, as it is needed for creating a positive user experience which is vital for website optimization.  Currently, these are my trends in user interface design but with design upgrading fast, they are more likely to change. Always be on the lookout for updated trends.

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