Top 10 Travel Tips for Hajj

by Abdul Maaz Travel Agent
For most of Muslims, hajj is only a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So, when they are traveling for hajj, preparations can be overwhelming; what to take and what to know? However, one must always travel with proper planning and budgeting to ensure an efficient and safe hajj experience can be made possible. Since many pilgrims in the Haram are also traveling for the first time with hajj packages from UK and other countries, a lot of things can be confusing for them. 

Here are the top 10 travel tips for hajj.

1. Organization is key.

Always remain organized before as well as during your Hajj travel. Check your documents and keep multiple copies of every single of them with you. Keep every item of your need separately packed and accessible at all times. You can also make a list of things you are bringing in the kingdom, thus, having a checklist to refer to when you are returning from the kingdom.

2. Follow rules.

When in Haramain or any other place you travel to during your hajj stay, follow the local rules and regulations.

3. Supplicate to Allah Almighty.

Devote most of the time in Ibadah; perform Dhikr, offer obligatory as well as Nafal Salah, recite holy Quran, and send durood-o-salaam on Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW).

4. Health and Diet.

It’s very important to keep yourself healthy during your hajj stay. For this reason, eat clean and rely on natural/organic diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, whole-grain and fiber-rich foods. Keep yourself hydrated. Always carry some snacks and energy bars even during your hajj rituals in case you feel energy drained.

5. Vaccinations.

Saudi authorities require all pilgrims to arrive in the kingdom vaccinated. Therefore, make sure you get all the necessary vaccination shots before your departure because you may be asked to show proof of vaccination at immigration.

6. Help others.

Be at the service of others whenever you get the chance; help as many people as possible.

7. Pack light.

Overpacking is a big no for your hajj travel. Only carry your essentials because the lesser number of items you take, the better organized you’ll be. Despite this, anything you need can also easily be found in the local markets there as well.

8. Know about your hajj.

Get yourself educated on all of the hajj’s dos and don’ts. The rules to abide by, prohibitions to consider, permissible acts as well as the proper way of performing the holy rituals.

9. Rest enough.

Hajj rituals require a lot of physical activity therefore make sure that you rest enough when it’s time.

10. Be patient and forgiving.

There’ll be millions of pilgrims with you for hajj rituals. It’s obvious that you may feel bothered by someone’s activities and there’ll be things you find strange. However, be patient, friendly, and forgiving with fellow pilgrims, not indulging yourself in matters that don’t concern you.

These are some of the best travel tips that will help you in having a comfortable, safe and peaceful hajj experience.

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