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The dog is regarded as the most loyal and affectionate animal on earth. The dog breeds not only love their human family but they risk their lives in order to save them as well. This means they are the best guard dogs; this is the reason why people always look for the large dogs. In this regard, we have compiled a dog breeds list for the top 10 biggest dogs in the world.

10. Newfoundland   

The Newfoundland dog breed that isn't just a bodyguard its loyal nature, thick build, thicker coat and strong swimming ability make it ideal for use as a water rescue animal. This swell swimming giant is quite a good pack horse, very capable and very hard-working. An interesting fact about the Newfoundland breed is that in the very famous 1904 play Peter Pan a Newfoundland dog named Nana was employed by the darling family as a nanny to the children. In that story, did you know that the Newfoundland was originally used as a working dog and what they would do is they'd pull the Nets out of the water for the fishermen and sometimes they were dragging wood around for the chops Minh. 


9. Leonberger 

The very large Leonberger dog breed is bred by mixing Newfoundland, Great Pyrenees and Saint Bernard. He can weigh up to 170 pounds adult males in particular are powerful and strong and carry a lion-like mane on the neck and chest. The lovable giant is high in intelligence and even higher in energy they have a knack for mischief and mess but on the plus side. They're deep in horse bark will keep intruders away from your home. The Leonberger is one of the oldest dogs dating back to Germany Lee and Berger I'm hungry.


8. The Tibetan Mastiff

This dog is a loyal and dependable companion while these pooches usually range from 140 to 170 pounds. Some European owners have claimed theirs have reached up to 220 pounds; Marco Polo described the Tibetan Mastiff as quite tall as a donkey with a voice as powerful as that of a lion. The Tibetan Mastiff dog is serious and dignified calm and quiet unless provoked despite his large size. This breed is exceptionally agile skilled at climbing and jumping and requires a 6 foot high fence not to keep burglars out but to keep your giant dog in select Tibetan Mastiffs They have. This is really strong instinct concerning likes people and if they don't get over that initial instinct. There's usually a good reason you trust your dog and junk just trust them.


7. The Doberman Pinscher 

When talking about Beauty Brains agility and loyalty, what other breed could we be discussing other than the Doberman pinscher. The Doberman pinscher while one of the smallest breeds on our list is no runt in this pack built compactly. It has a muscular body and the strength and endurance to keep on going when it needs to hare. Karl Friedrich Lewes Doberman the maker of this breed was a tax collector and dog catcher in Germany in the late 1800s as a dog catcher. He could choose the best dogs for his breeding he was able to blend several breeds to develop the Doberman. But he kept no wreck the Doberman, did gain a solid reputation for its harsh strength of character and an ability to hunt, bite and kill. When Mr. Doberman died in 1894, he had done such a good job, with that dog people carried on his legacy by choosing to breed only the bravest, smartest, quickest and toughest dogs they could now.


6. The English Mastiff

These dogs are gentle giants and they're one of the oldest breeds. They've been depicted in Egyptian monuments as early as 3000 BC and they're thought to have come to America on the Mayflower. Some of the Mastiffs talents include being a watchdog, being a guard dog, being a police dog, being a military dog and being a search-and-rescue dog. When a Kennel Club says the word beast, they are referring to the English Mastiff.


5. The Burmese Mountain Dog 

This dog was originally bred as a farm dog and is one of the four sennenhund-type breeds. They're intelligent, strong and agile enough to herd cattle, pull carts and to be a watchdog in mountainous terrain. The dog is tricolor with symmetrical markings of black rust and white in addition to being strikingly good-looking. The Burmese Mountain Dog has a wonderful temperament. Do you know this braid is so old and came from the Romans, they brought into Switzerland 2,000 years ago.


4. The Black Russian Terrier 

This dog has large bones and well-developed muscles known as the black pearls of Russia. They are people oriented and want to be close to the action at all times. This outstanding guard dog can weigh up to 140 pounds. These dogs get bored sometimes and when they're bored, they're destructive. If they're not properly exercised with that size, they can be quite a problem. The Black Russian terrier is not actually a true carrier.


3. The Great Dane   

The Great Dane although looking terribly imposing in reality is one of the best natured dogs around. There the Apollo of dogs reaching to a weight of 200 or more pounds. It's no surprise that this dinosaur of a dog is one of the most well known of the giant dog breeds. The Great Dane is popular today in America even appearing in popular culture such as the newspaper, comic character, Marmaduke or the hanna-barbera cartoon character, scooby-doo or Astro in the TV show. Did you know the Great Dane has nothing to do with Denmark; they're from Germany. 


2. The Scottish Deerhound

This dog's original purpose was to hunt and bring down the Scottish roe deer a magnificent beast twice. The deer hound has been used very successfully on rabbits, coyotes and wolves. As a companion, the deer Hound is ideal being tractable easy to train and Possessing. He has the most dependable loyalty and utmost devotion to their master. Did you know that the Scottish deerhound is so calm; people can't even use them as a guard dog they just walk up and want to hug you and junk. 


1. The Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard’s expression often appears more Stern but it's never ill-tempered a dog. This size must be trained early in their puppyhood because once their nature sets in, it's likely their bad habits are gonna stick around for a while. Some of the st. Bernard's talents are searching rescue guard dog and watchdog. They've also been known to predict storms and avalanches like the most famous Saint Bernard ever was named Barry he rescued between 45 and a hundred people. They even built a statue to him in Bern Switzerland.

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