To properly use and maintain your Gurin Steam Inhaler

by Santa Medical Home health care product

Thank you for purchasing the Gurin Steam Inhaler. With proper care and use, your steam inhaler will provide you many years of therapeutic relief. This unit operates on standard AC power. Treatments are delivered quickly, safely and conveniently with the use of tap water. We encourage you to thoroughly read this guidebook to learn about the features of this product. Any use of this product other than its intended use should always be avoided.



1. Read all instructions carefully before use

2. The following basic precautions are needed when using an electrical product:

Product cautions:

• To avoid electrical shock: Keep the unit away from water. Do not immerse the power cord or the unit in liquid. Do not use while bathing. Do not reach for a unit that has fallen into water – immediately unplug the unit.

• Never operate the unit if it has any damaged parts (including power cord) if it has been dropped or submerged in water. Promptly send it to a service center for examination and repair.

 • Open top cover during operation is prohibited as it may cause severe injury.

• This unit should not be used where flammable gas, oxygen, or aerosol spray products are being used.

• Never use without water in the water heater tank and the unit should not be left unattended while plugged in.

• Disconnect the unit from the electrical outlet before cleaning, filling and after each use.

 • Do not use other attachments unless recommended by the manufacturer.

• Never add medicine or aromatherapy liquids to the water heater tank

Operating Cautions:

1. Connect this product to an appropriate voltage outlet for your model.

 2. Do not run this product unattended.

3. The maximum capacity of the aromatherapy tank is 60ml and should not be overfilled.

 4. The maximum capacity of a water heater tank is 25ml and should not be overfilled.

 5. Change the water in water tanks after each use.

6. If any abnormality occurs, discontinue use immediately until the unit has been examined and repaired.

7. Do not put your eyes on a mask when steam is generated.

8. Do not block the vent holes on both sides of the mask.

9. Always unplug the product immediately after use.

 10. If any discomfort or abnormality occurs, stop using the unit immediately.

Storage Cautions:

1. Do not store the unit under direct sunlight, high temperature or humidity.

2. Keep the unit out of reach of small children.

3. Always keep the unit unplugged while not in use.

 4. To store the unit for an extended period of time, open heater cover to keep the heater tank air dry.

Cleaning Cautions:

1. Check the mask, extension tube, tank, suction tube, and any other optional components before each use. Dirty or worn parts should be replaced.

2. Do not immerse the unit in water. It may damage the unit.

 3. Disconnect the unit from the electrical outlet before cleaning.

4. Clean all necessary parts after each use as instructed in this guidebook.



Always disconnect the unit from the electrical outlet and never immerse the unit in water.

Important: Do not open the heater tank cover right after use, as the cover might be very hot. Wait for approximate 10 minutes to allow it to completely cool.

Cleaning the parts:

1. Remove the top cover.

2. Carefully remove the one-piece aromatherapy/drain tank from the unit.

 3. Rinse one-piece aromatherapy/drain tank with hot tap water.

 4. Empty any remaining water from water heater tank (Open tank by turning Water Heater Tank Nozzle anticlockwise).

5. Wipeout heater tank with a soft, lint-free cloth or allow to completely air dry.

6. Reassemble the Steam inhaler and store in a cool, dry place

Cleaning the main unit:

The main unit should be cleaned with a soft cloth moistened with a non-abrasive cleanser and water.


It is important to clean the unit before the first time of use and after each use. For details, see “Cleaning and Maintenance” in this guidebook.

1. Place the unit on a rigid and flat surface with mask facing towards you.

2. Gently pull straight up on the cover of the inhaler to remove lid.

3. Remove the nozzle to the water heater tank by turning it counterclockwise.

4. Using the included measuring cup, fill the water heater tank with approximately 25ml of tap water. Do not overfill the water above the five square shaped vents on the wall of the water heater tank. Note: Do not use anything except water in the water heater tank.

5. Reattach heater cover. Make sure it is tightly placed to avoid leakage of steam.

6. If desired, remove the aromatherapy/drain tank from the unit. Fill the aromatherapy tank with up to 60 ml of saline or aromatherapy water.

7. Replace the top cover on the main body. Make sure the suction tube is connected to the nozzle and inserted into aromatherapy tank. Note: Avoid bending the suction tube to allow a smooth flow of water into the nozzle.

8. Position the extension tube to a comfortable position by manually extending or retracting the tube

9. Place the mask on the top cover.

10. Plug power cord into an appropriate electrical outlet for your model. Make sure the power switch on the power cord is at “OFF” status before plugging.

11. Press on the power switch to begin treatment. The lamp at the bottom of the unit will be lit.

12. Adjust the extension tube for a comfortable treatment.

a. Slide the extension tube down for smaller particle size of steam. This is more comfortable for the inhalation of 5 noses.

b. Slide the extension tube up for bigger particle size of steam, This is more comfortable for the inhalation of mouth.

13. After approx. 6-9 minutes, when the steam output becomes less and weaker, press power switch to shut off the unit.

14. Unplug the unit from the electrical outlet. 15. For next use, please wait for 10 minutes to allow the unit to cool down.

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