Tips to Work Smarter, Not Harder, to Create Awesome Animations Quickly

by Ravi Bhadauria ADMEC Multimedia Institute

To beat the heat of growing competition in the design and animation industry, it has become the need of an hour to work smartely and with creativity and avoid too much hardwork in order to meet the deadline for creating awesome animations.

But one thing that strikes in my mind while writing a blog is "Why it is essential to work smartely and not harder while creating animations"? The answer is in your own hands.

It means giving best in terms of "Knowledge + Attitude + Skills" by which one will be able to show their talent in the design and animation industry.

Here, I am mentioning different tips one can follow in order to create awesome animations.

Change of Color using 2D Animations

Deciding on what colours to include in your animated video is really very hard to choose and should not avoid it when producing your animation. One should always try to use different combinations of shades, in your images for communicating a unique message, and this will become associated with your design industry. Color affects the mood of the target audience.

Use of Spring Loaded Techniques

Sometimes when has to apply moves like jumping, running etc in an image. For this consider whole body as a spring-loaded device that moves from the shoulders to the feet. It's not only the legs that bend out but the whole body compresses like a car jack.

If we want to draw a straight line roughly from the feet to the shoulder indicateing that the direction of the body is going up, it is extension pose. It is very oftenly seen in extension pose in a jump.

Use of Motion Graphics in Animation

Why motion is a prerequiste of animation? Anything can walk or talk in animation by using frame animation. Many techniques can be applied in stop motion method. Chuckimation is most popular technique which uses combination of stop frame animation and live shots, where characters are dropped into a particular frame. Puppet Show are created using this technique.

Move right, left, right, left with your feet

This is somewhat a crazy concept. It's one of those things that happens evertime when we are animating a tiny foot move which will bring life in our shots as well as guarantee that you are properly applying all the weight shifts.

Choose best pose for animation

One should always choose for the best pose to be used in different images. For this, do apply brainstorming on your brain.

Applying transistion from 2D to 3D

Everybody love to work in 2D. Jumping headlong into the vast new world of computer-generated animation for saving valuable nano-seconds typing, I'll call this "3D".

Most of us waste our time in finding the good reasons to complete our work faster in animation. Might be we want to do more tasks and earn huge amount of money, or maybe we would like to improve our productivity by streamlining our day to day related activities.

In this I have share you with the strategies, tips and techniques that I've been using for many years to streamline my own life, and let me help you, too work smarter, and not harder.

When you are super productive with your time and energies, you truly can have it all! This animation blog provides you with the insights that will help you maximize your productivity by showing you how to use your time wisely and well.

If you are interested in making a small investment in this animation course, kindly enroll us in animation course of ADMEC which will pay off to you for years to come. You'll become more competent in your tasks , which will impress the bosses, and you'll be able to have more free time to enjoy. In short, enjoy reading this blog and share your views.

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