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Renting a cheap car for your getaways or vacations is an excellent alternative not only to make your travel possibilities as flexible as possible, but also to save money and the odd inconvenience. However, it is not something you should do lightly. Analyzing the rental car offers well and being clear about which options best suit your needs are essential keys to avoid unpleasant surprises. In this article you will find the most interesting Efay tips so that renting the ideal car is neither expensive nor risky, but something that adds many integers to your next trip.

Advantages of renting a car to travel

It is clear that having a car during any leisure trip is the best way to ensure full autonomy and flexibility during your holidays. But driving can be in itself another means to enjoy the trip, as well as an interesting source of new experiences. Opting for a rental vehicle is also a smart choice that will save you some worries and offers you several advantages. These are the most representative:

You can choose the right vehicle for each occasion, depending on the area to be covered, the companions you bring or the purpose of your trip. An all-rounder for country and mountain routes, convertibles or sports cars for motor enthusiasts with a lot of road ahead, family vehicles for large groups, or economical utility vehicles - including hybrids and electric - to save as much as possible.

You will not have to be aware of public transport schedules and you will avoid long waits at stations and airports, as well as being able to dedicate as much time as you want to any visit depending on your tastes.

Having total autonomy to move around by car will make it much easier for you to explore places that are outside the usual routes, and you will be able to avoid the hours and days of greatest influx to certain tourist attractions. Make use of our travel guides to plan your getaways.

You will be able to organize your customized trips and modify the initial plan as many times as necessary , as well as select new plans and routes if the weather changes or any eventuality arises. You will save time and you can dedicate yourself more thoroughly to the activities that you are passionate about.

You will travel more comfortably , without having to endure tight spaces or unwanted companies.

You will not have to worry about issues such as insurance, maintenance, breakdowns or cleaning of the vehicle. This does not mean that you should not take care of the rented car as if it were yours - in fact, if you return it very dirty, they can charge you a bonus for the extra cleaning - but in the event of any unforeseen event, the services offered by car rental companies for these cases will save you upset and unpleasant memories

You will save money . If you do a good analysis of the needs of your trip and the market offers, renting a cheap car can mean considerable savings compared to the use of other means of transport. Learn more ideas to travel cheap in our article of tips to save on your getaways .

Tips for renting a cheap car

When to book your rental car?

Book in advance whenever possible. This will make it easier for you to find interesting car rental offers, and avoid the scarcity of options and the higher prices typical of dates close to bridges or popular holiday periods.

What type of rental cancellation policy to hire?

Look for options that allow you free cancellations (24-48 hours before the pick-up day). In this way, you will minimize the possibility of losing money in the event of an unforeseen event that forces you to cancel or modify your travel plans.

Compare prices between rental companies

Compare the price for the same model and with the same conditions in different companies . It is the best way to find out objectively which car rental company will be the cheapest for you to book. Looking only at the final price, without analyzing the conditions of the contract and the rented vehicle model, can lead you to wrong conclusions.

Read reviews from rental companies

Analyze the opinions and ratings of other users in each car rental companies in Jamaica. Today you have this magnificent tool at the time of hiring any service, so you should not miss it. The opinion of other users allows you to anticipate information on how the company responds in case of incidents, and to be attentive - to avoid them - to points that have been the focus of conflicts for other people.

User reviews of cheap car rental companies

How to pay for the rental car?

Study the offers and discounts depending on the payment method and when to make it effective. Normally paying by credit card is the most comfortable and profitable, since sometimes concepts such as the deposit for the rental of the vehicle are higher if you want to pay in cash. But each car rental company has its own preferences.

Rental companies for special trips

For special trips, also compare prices in specialized companies that cover all possible claims - if you are going to travel mountain routes, go on adventure trips, etc. -. These companies may be a bit more expensive, but minimizing the options of having to take care of major repairs, as well as having a vehicle better prepared for specific driving conditions, will always save you money and setbacks.

Where to collect and / or deliver the rental car?

Check at which pick-up and drop-off points you have a lower price to rent the vehicle. In cities like Montego Bay or Barcelona, ​​the cheapest pick-up and drop-off points are usually the airport and the main railway stations. Also, it usually involves less expense to collect and deliver the vehicle to the same location. Some companies allow you to choose the place of delivery and collection of the vehicle, without having to go through their offices.

What model of rental car to choose?

Choose the rental car model that best suits your needs on each trip. Number of travelers, route of many or a few kilometers, type of firm, necessary trunk volume… these are criteria that will determine the ideal range of vehicles for your trip, which can lead to significant price differences. A good preliminary analysis can save you a lot of money.

What extras of the car to hire?

Choose only the extras that you will need . All the extras (GPS, DVD / CD, baby seats, etc.) add money to the daily price for the rental of the vehicle, so you must weigh very well which ones are going to be essential.

What map navigator to use while traveling?

To save, use your own updated map navigator or mobile applications for it. There are many free map applications that work perfectly, but even if you use some with paid services, it will be more profitable than renting a GPS for your trip. In addition, in this way you can take routes, visits, stops, excursions, etc. already planned from home.

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What type of fuel policy interests me the most?

Always choose the full-full fuel policy when renting the car, as it is the best to avoid losing money at the time of delivery. Other options - half tank, full-empty tank, etc. - are not easy to calculate and can make you lose money, either by delivering the car with more fuel than the account, or by falling short and risking receiving a penalty monetary.

Plan your route by car according to the mileage

Check well the mileage limitations depending on your trip, and verify when picking up the car that what the odometer shows matches what is indicated in the contract. The cheapest rental prices usually include a maximum of kilometers per day, so it is important to save money that you plan your routes and excursions well, always leaving a small margin of safety. In case you are going to spend a lot of time devouring the road, consider the option of hiring unlimited mileage.

Car drivers

Make sure that the driver is over 25 years old , and if several people are going to drive the vehicle, include the necessary drivers in the contract . Regarding the first point, if the main driver is younger than 25 years, the price of the insurance will go up - in general this is the case. And as for the second, if you have a mishap and who is driving at that time is not included in the contract, it is likely that the insurance will not cover the amounts generated by that incident.

How long to have the rental car?

In general, for longer rental periods you will have more advantageous prices . This is almost always the case, but sometimes the price variation is not linear but jumps when moving from one time frame to another. Thus, it may be more interesting to rent a car for 8 days instead of 7, if the rental company offers discounts for this reason from the second week.

What type of car insurance to hire?

Check the car insurance coverage well and hire extensions if you think it is necessary. Avoid taking out only third party insurance - the ideal is all risk, but be careful with exclusions - and make sure that the excesses are not excessively high. Be especially careful if you are going to travel on unpaved roads, since incidents on these roads are often excluded in the conditioned roads.

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Rental with roadside assistance

Check that the insurance of the rented car includes roadside assistance service , and again be careful with the exclusions of the contract when driving on unpaved roads, because you may get an expensive and unpleasant surprise if necessary.

Replacement vehicle is it worth it?

Also consider the convenience of hiring a replacement vehicle service - if available. A prior it will make the rental price more expensive, but depending on how essential the car is going to be during the trip, it can be very profitable.

Car rental tuning

Check well the documentation and the general conditions of the vehicle when picking it up - tires, lights, bodywork, windscreen wipers, ITV card, triangles and emergency vests ... -. Keep in mind that, in addition to safety, which is the most important thing, not having made sure you have these things in order can even lead to a traffic fine.

Photos of the rented car

Take photos of the rental car both when you pick it up and when you return it . Normally an agent of the company reviews the car with you at the time of delivery, but it is equally important that you keep proof of all the damages that the vehicle has at the time of pick-up. This will prevent you from being charged the cost of repairing a scratch or dent that was already there but was overlooked. And another tip: keep them for a reasonable time.

When to return the rental vehicle?

Calculate a sufficient margin of safety time when setting the time to return the vehicle . The rental companies have quite tight times to receive, clean and tune the vehicles before renting them again, so going beyond the agreed time for the delivery of yours can mean a significant extra cost. It is therefore not a good idea to adjust the time of return of the vehicle too much, or to bring it too close to the closing time of the chosen office.

The most interesting cheap car rental companies

Here we leave you a list of the 10 best companies with which you can rent a cheap rent a car Montego Bay Jamaica . As we have already indicated, the ideal is that you can compare the options and prices that each of them offers you for certain dates and type of trip, and from there you choose the most profitable alternative for you. Remember that anticipation and a good analysis are essential to avoid overspending.


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