Tips to plan a surprise birthday party while being on a budget?

by Harry C. Digital Marketing Expert

Never in my life have I met a person who is not excited about their birthday. From kids to adults, everyone seems to be electrified on their bornday. Though adults might refrain from expressing it, but believe me, secretly they are.

No wonder, birthdays are special, and you have no reason not to celebrate them. Be it a fancy party or a simple get together, any kind of celebration can be a rewarding experience for the birthday person. Sure parties are cool but have you thought about throwing a surprise party for your special people? Everyone loves surprises. We are talking about birthday and surprises, what not to love? Wouldn't you love it if someone did the same for you? I personally love planning surprises for my loved ones. You can say that i'm way more excited for the birthday person than they themselves are. I have been throwing surprise parties for years now (irrespective of receiving one in return).

So with experience, I can say that One of the main components that come to mind while planning a party, whether for yourself or others, is the budget, right? Planning a surprise birthday party while keeping the budget in mind, you say tricky, I say not! It can be a difficult task, but some creative ideas can save the day. Listed below are some cool idea to throw a surprise birthday party for anyone.

The first and most important tip, A surprise should amaze the receiver, so make sure that the receiver has no clue that you are planning something like this. It should remain a surprise until the end. Now, let's begin.

Round the clock gifts

As I already told you that everyone loves surprises, then why not keep the feeling going throughout the day. Since the birthday lasts a full day, then why should the event of gifting stop? You can really make it fun.  Bombarding gifts throughout the day by ghosting will keep the person anticipated. Like if you can, plan a gift for every hour. Start by surprising them with flower delivery at their doorstep at midnight. If you can manage to involve a third party, make strangers deliver gifts on your behalf.

Envelope surprise

One option is to create the age number of the birthday person with envelopes, and why are we choosing envelops? Because these envelopes will contain messages from their loved ones. But if the person is a little secretive about their age, then we have the other option too. Create large sized envelope (yes, I'm talking about handmade one) and put messages in it and stick it on the wall of their room. Don't get scared, just youtube some DIY videos. Handwritten letters really give a personal touch to every feeling expressed in the message.

Waking up to surprise

Isn't it a great idea to start the party as soon as the birthday person wakes up? You can shift this idea to midnight too, raid his or her house as soon as the clock strikes twelve. Believe me; this would be the most unexpected thing you can do for someone. The good thing about such an idea is that it does not require much planning; all you need is access to their bedroom. And to create an instant birthday mood, take along some balloons, cake or some birthday inflatables. Now go get up and take your lazy ass out.

Balloon photo gallery

What's a celebration without balloons? Just like cake, even balloons are crucial for a birthday celebration. In Fact, they go hand in hand. But this time we have a twist. This time it is not only balloons but photographs too. Materials required for this are balloons, a lot of them and pictures, again a lot of them. Fill balloons with helium gas and photographs tied beneath them with a string. Now release them into the air, packing a full room with them.  Just call it your floating photo gallery. Sounds simple and budget-friendly, right? It is budget-friendly too. Let them have a walk down memory lane this birthday.

Surprise water balloon fight

After they are all dressed up for the day, as soon as they step out of the house. Attack them with water balloons. Leave them a bucket filled with the same. Provoke them to give it their best shot.

Disclaimer: Okay, I am not talking about a real fight. Make sure that the friendly fight does not turn into an actual fight.

There are many more ideas, but I need to wind up now.

Also, when I was talking about gifts, I don't mean fancy ones. A simple flower delivery will do the work.

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