Tips to Make Right Food Choice: Low Calorie v/s High Calorie Food

by Vini M. Food Blogger
Studies reveal that 70 percent of the population in India consumes fat and sugar elements in their meals. Obesity has become an integral part of the modern lifestyle. However, people do not realize that the main cause of obesity is a combination of fat and sugar. If you have ever observed or read, these two elements are rarely found in close proximity with each other on this planet. Furthermore, studies suggest that this food combo generates intramuscular fat. There is a special quality about this fact that it disguises inside the body’s muscles making it altogether difficult to keep it off. This fat results in fatigue, increased swelling, slow body recovery, resistance to insulin which is basically a major cause of Type 2 Diabetics.

No matter how hard you avoid, it is a tough task to keep away from food items. You visit McDonald’s with friends, you order a full meal comprising of tempting burgers, hot french fries and can of coke. You walk into Pizza Hut, or Domino’s, you end up placing an order of triple-layered pizza. Well, that’s how the trend of intaking fast food is soaring due to our own bad habits. Not to mention that processed and refined food is to be blamed equally.

Here’s another surprising revelation: Low Glycaemic carbs which are known for its complex characteristics play no role in hiking the body’s blood sugar levels whereas simple high Glycaemic carbs tend to give a frequent rise to the blood sugar. This sudden rising generates insulin in a haphazard manner creating a fat depositing environment.

It’s high time that you start taking your health seriously and reduce if not entirely avoid the fatty and sugary foods. Here, we have compiled a list of 5 perfect healthy options that you must swap with your everyday intakes:

1. Dhokla instead of a samosa: Masala cup with a light snack like a hot samosa has a special corner in every ‘desi’ heart. It is like a question of life and death to pick between a hot samosa and a spongy dhokla. Opting for the former is what most would prefer. Although, your favourite snack has calories equivalent to 308 and protein is equal to 5 grams. Surprised? On the other hand, this Gujarati dish comprises of 136 calories and 9 grams protein. So, you know now which one is better as far as your health is concerned? Consuming a platter of dhoklas can cut short the calories intake to just half as in comparison to samosas. It is a healthier and lighter option.

2. Dry roasted makhana v/s potato chips: When I was a child, I used to ask my father to bring home a large cartoon of potato chips. However, as I grew up I realized how I was becoming a soft target to obesity. These chips have calories up to 525 and fat of 10 grams. Do you know what is better than them? It is a bowl of roasted dry makhana with 360 calories.  No salt and high fibre content try munching on makhanas, We bet, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Idli or aloo puri? Do you even realize how much calories a plate of fluffy puris and aloo contain? Not much, just 150 calories. Whereas 2 idlis and sambar has as low as 80 calories. That means simply half of it. Moreover, if you are looking for high protein food, then idli sambhar is the right choice. Considering that this is a light option, this is an ideal snack to have in-between office breaks.

So, keep a check on your health. Enjoy the pleasures that life offers but do not compromise with your physical body. Eat wisely and eat healthy.  For more health-related blogs, stay tuned with Vini’s CookBook. Till then, intake a low-calorie and fibre-rich diet.

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