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The hidden expenses of coping with a sluggish network may be like death by a thousand paper cuts for many firms. Files take slower to send, cloud services take longer to load, conversations go unanswered, and everyone loses time waiting for tasks to complete.

Many firms are eager to respond to the problem by throwing money at a network upgrade that may or may not work because of the necessity of having a stable network connection. While fiber Internet is more inexpensive than ever, diagnosing alternate options is still necessary to ensure top performance.

1. Determine the source of the problem with your network

Is it your network that's slow, or are you just dealing with slow computers? It's impossible to provide a remedy without first understanding the condition, so don't jump to conclusions. Before investing in an infrastructure upgrade, make sure the slow response time isn't just a localized problem.

2. Provide an alternative network to your visitors

Guests' behavior can sometimes cause network slowdowns. While a single visitor streaming a YouTube video in your lobby is unlikely to be the root of your problems, you may run into issues if you routinely host a significant number of guests who want an Internet connection. Rather than risk their slowing down your operations accidentally, give them access to a guest network.

3. Train employees on how to deal with different types of users

Employees require downtime, and many prefer to spend it on their computers. If you notice a slowdown every day around lunch, a handful of employees may have used the time to play a video game or watch a Netflix show. They're probably unaware of the network resources they're consuming during working hours and are simply trying to enjoy their lunch.

Poor file sharing methods, such as emailing huge PPT files to several contacts rather than modifying them via a shared cloud file, might also be contributing to the slowdown. If your workers routinely share huge files, educating them how to compress the files or use cloud storage can help relieve the burden on your network.

4. Segment low-priority traffic via VLANs

A VLAN, in essence, provides the benefits of a distinct network without requiring the entire workplace to be rewired. Even if the computers are in different company regions, you may group VLANs depending on their use and function.

5. Look for viruses or other system flaws

When it comes to viruses, Malware is notorious for slowing down networks and disrupting operations. If you believe that your network delay results from malicious network activity, you should contact an emergency IT consultant straight soon to assess the problem.

6. Keep an eye out for bottlenecks

Network monitoring is essential for identifying any possible bottlenecks or traffic jams in your system.

7. Keep your software and firmware up to date

Technology advancements and the software that operates on them do not always keep up with each other. You could have new applications running on old equipment or old programs running on new ones—either way, they're unlikely to get along. If you've been using an outdated software system just because that's how things have always been done, it's time to retire it in favor of something more up to date.

8. Make improvements to your network

Finally, you may need to improve your network. While you should do your due diligence in looking for alternate solutions, the reality is that networks do wear out and need to be replaced from time to time.

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