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Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas and it is compressed in liquid form and injected into the intake of your car engine. Nitrous is a trouble-free and effective way of getting HUGE amounts of power and torque. In few cases you can add 100 BHP and this is 10 times cooler than air and when injected into your air intake the retort is AMAZING.

A number of people feel that a nitrous kit will injure your engine but in fact if utilized properly it cools your engine and works wonders.

Here are the some effortless instructions to an added 100 BHP and how fit a nitrous kit.

1. First of all you require buying a nitrous oxide kit and I recommend fitting it yourself as it will save you a lot of cash. You can buy it online by searching nitrous oxide kits for sale.

When you got yourself a nitrous kit you will see that you have a bottle and some jets and leads etc. 

and the nitrous bottle are usually mounted in the boot. Check the kits instructions and make certain it is mounted the proper way as it is vitally essential for it to work correctly. Once you have the brackets in position attach the bottle to them using the straps given.

2. Run the delivery pipe from your boot down the internal sill and through the bulkhead to the engine bay. This is just concealed under the carpet and slide the pipe end fitting and olive onto the ending of the pipe then push the end of the pipe into the bottle valve and squeeze the fitting.

3. Securely accumulate the solenoids using the brackets supplied to the front of the engine bay or a cool area below the bonnet near to where the injector will be installed. The solenoids are color code: Basically blue for nitrous and red for fuel.

4. By using your car instruction booklet identify the fuel supply line (usually found on the bulkhead). Fit the t piece into the fuel stroke making sure all connections are locked and leak free.

5. Connect the novel fuel line from the t piece into the input solenoid using the fittings that are provided in the nitrous kit. 

Likewise connect the nitrous delivery line to the input on the blue nitrous solenoid. 

6. Now attach the blue and red LINES to the solenoid outputs, prepared to be connected to the injector and make certain that the connections are secure.

7. The next step is fitting the injector into the air inlet duct, immediately BEFORE the throttle body.

8. Take of the bulky air inlet duct just before the throttle body, and drill a hole for every injector as close to the throttle plate as probable. Make definite the holes are good and smooth to shun any air leaks or nitrous leaks out of your nitrous kit.

9. Now add the injector after sliding over the spacer and screw on the apex hat retainer from the within of the air hose.

10. Refurbishment the air inlet hose back to the throttle body and cut the red and blue lines as short as feasible and connect them to the injector firmly using the fittings supplied.

11. So that the system is just active at occupied throttle a micro switch needs to be mounted on the throttle body and for this use the mounting plate supplied.

12. The micro switch must be placed and place so that it is activated on full throttle. 

13. The next thing to be fitted is the system arming switch and you need to find the engine live supply using your HAYNES manual and inquisitive around the fuse box: Also make sure the battery is off. 

14. Now attach your ignition live feed to one side of the switch, then connect on an additional wire to the other side and run it through the engine compartment anywhere near the solenoids. Try and employ existing holes in the bulkhead to make this thing easier. 

15. At the solenoids, rip the live feed into two wires and run one to each solenoid positive terminal and attach the earth wire to each remaining terminal and joint them together to one side of the micro switch. Connect one more wire to the other side of the switch and link it to an existing good earthing point below the bonnet so that there you have it!!! 

It may look somewhat confusing but i can assure you it is actually simple and to know more about nitrous injection systems or nitrous injection kits visit us.

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