Tips on How to Start Wholesale Silver Jewellery Business

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Starting a new business is easy but talking about starting a new silver jewellery business is something that requires attention as you can surely save a lot of money form it. When you are planning to establish a wholesale silver jewelry business, there are three thumb rules that you must follow for the better run of your business in this competitive world. Apart from it, another thing that you necessitate is to understand what types of silver are found and used in the manufacturing of the silver jewellery. Here we are guiding you with some suggestions that you can follow before commencing a silver jewellery business.

Types of silver used in the jewellery business-

All silver jewellery is not made from the same metal, it all mixed with different metals to create different jewellery. Down, we are describing some different types of metals that creates different silver jewellery:-

  • .999 Silver is the purest, as the name specifies it is 99.9% pure and 0.1% of other impurifies element.
  • Sterling 925 Silver is a quality standard for a piece of silver jewellery that are used in the U.S., U.K., Europe and some other world market too. In this 92.5% is silver and remaining 7.5% is regularly copper.
  • Argentium Silver and Non-Tarnish Alloy are new in the market it is quite similar to the 925 silver in which 92.5% is silver and the remaining 7.5% is copper and germanium.
  • Coin Silver is a silver made from different alloys it is similar to Argentium silver but it is rare. This coin silver is made from .900 silver i.e. 90% silver and 10% copper.
  • Silver filled is a silver layered metal filled with 5% or 10% of sterling silver as per weight and pressed to a brass core.
  • Silver Plated is a piece of metal jewellery which is coated with the silver. The percentage of silver is very tiny.
  • Nickel / German Silver is a base metal alloy made from different metals like zinc, nickel and copper. In Appearance, it looks the same as silver. Another name for nickel silver is German and Alpaca silver.

Find right and trustworthy wholesale 925 jewellery manufacturer

It is essential to research the genuine wholesale 925 jewelry manufacturer, the most genuine jewellery manufacturer is from the UK, Thailand, Indonesia and India. These countries are famous for providing genuine and mid-range grade silver assets at reliable cost. You can research to find good wholesale jewellery manufacturer and also take the help of exhibitions, social media platforms and jewellery trade fair these will help you a lot to link and establish relationships with the different jewellery manufacturers across the country.  

Find If your Supplier is genuine or not

It is really important to know that your supplier is legit or not! And the best way to find out this is to buy in little quantity form them. This will cost a little more but it is better to make a little investment than making a costly mistake and wasting too much money.  
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