Tips for Teaching Teamwork to Children


The ability to work together as a team with a group of people is a very vital skill which is used in all areas of life. Therefore, it has to be learnt from a very early age especially from the school life. School is, therefore, the excellent place and time to cultivate the teamwork ethics in a child which he or she can nurture it all throughout the life.

The children should be taught that for a team to work together effectively, it requires all the members of the team to respect each other abilities and opinion. Teamwork is always defined as a highly social activity and involves interaction and exchanging of ideas and actions. Being part of a team from childhood enables a child to think in interpersonal ways rather than intrapersonal ways. This also allows a child to behave and work according to the needs of the team and not behave and work according to his/her personal needs and desires. Thus, through teamwork, a child also learns how to be selfless rather than being selfish and the advantages of having of working for a bigger society and not only for him/her.  Learning the ethics of Teamwork also helps a child in all areas of learning and helps them to feel that they are a part of a community. Working as a part of the team also strengthens the social and emotional skills of a child which in turn help to improve their communication skills and also improving confidence.

Following are some of the tips to teach Teamwork to Children –

Place Children in Organized Activities – Placing children in extracurricular activities that involves working in a group is a great way to teach a child the value of teamwork, especially if a child comes from a single child house. The key is to make a child understand that all children have different interest and come from different background and work differently. So a child needs to adjust him/her according to the group.

Embrace Socialization – There are various games and activities that build teamwork culture in a group environment but nothing can match to social gatherings. Parents can have a birthday of their child and then teach him/her how to behave in a birthday party where there will be many of the child’s friend invited. This not only helps in building teamwork culture but along with it also helps in building of socialization in a child.

Teach Kids to encourage – Teaching children how to help when others are in need and how to encourage other children can immensely help in leading teamwork activity. Encourage children to cheer for their friends in sports as well as academic activities.

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