Tips for Installing Solar Panels at Your Home

by Tradies4u Australia Marketing

A good idea for cutting back on energy usage, installing solar panels is becoming a popular project for homeowners to tackle. But this isn't a simple endeavor and installation has certain requirements. Follow these tips for the very best design and the simplest process, resulting in a home improvement that adds value to your home and lifestyle.

Placement in Direct Sunlight

Solar energy units work at the maximum level when they are placed in direct sunlight. The very best location will see the noon sun shining directly on the PV panel. If there are branches in the way, clear the path by trimming them away. If there are permanent structures blocking the path of the sunlight, you'll need to find another location. Often those with larger properties will build a standalone mount for the panel and set the system up in an open space with maximum exposure.

Making Good Use of Your Solar Panels

On rural properties a solar energy system can have multiple uses. Not only can you save and store energy for use in your home but wiring your well pump to the solar panels will allow you to have access to fresh water without the need for conventional electricity. Be sure that your solar panels are dependable before hooking up your well pump to them. This set up is not generally a good idea for a brand-new system. Once it has proven to be reliable the pump can be wired in and the system operational.

Specialty Hardware

Solar panels are mounted using specially formed aluminum clamps and clips. This helps with conductivity and is part of the weather resistant assembly required for these products. Solar energy kits often come with all of the hardware necessary for installation. And if you hire a professional, they will have all of the components on hand to mount your panel system. The only time you will need to worry about this is for repairs.

Be sure to always replace solar panel mounting hardware with similar hardware pieces that have been approved for use with your model of solar panel. It may seem like a small thing, but the wrong piece of hardware may cause a short out and damage the entire system.

These panels are a value-added home improvement that, if done properly, will allow your family to be much more environmentally friendly. They'll also end up saving you money on electricity and if designed right, can even bring in a profit through the sale of energy back to the grid. Take your time and make sure your solar energy system is designed, built and mounted well.

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