Tips for Choosing a Pink Diamond Ring

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Pink diamonds owe their color to certain physical anomalies and chemical impurities in their structure. Most of these stones come from one place in Australia - the Argyle mine. Natural pink diamonds are among the rarest and most expensive fancy color stones.

When you buy a pink diamond, you must first decide on its size and the intensity of its color because these are the most important factors that will determine how much you will have to pay.

Color evaluation of pink diamonds

The color of a pink diamond has three main components on which it is evaluated: hue, saturation and tone.

Hue is the visible color of a fancy colored diamond. The primary hue of a pink diamond is, of course, pink.

However, there may be secondary hues of a different color. In general, secondary tints that enhance the primary color are considered to add to the value of the stone, while those that decrease its primary color may decrease its value.

The common background shades of pink diamonds are purple, brown and orange; purple and orange are more valuable, while brown and yellow are less desirable.

Pink diamonds without secondary coloring are rare and generally more expensive than those with extra hues. Saturation refers to the intensity of the color of the stone.

pink diamond

As a rule of thumb, the deeper the color of a diamond, the more valuable it is. As a result, diamonds that have a dark pink color will be worth more than those with a weak hue.

The most expensive pink diamonds are those whose color is closest to red (by the way, natural red diamonds are the rarest colored diamonds).

The tone is a characteristic that tells you how much the color of a fancy colored diamond is light or dark.

The tone you choose will depend on your personal preferences, but in general, stones that are too light or too dark to have a noticeable primary color are not as desirable as those that are moderately dark and have a well defined hue.

Pink diamonds are categorized as: Pale pink, very light pink, pale pink, pale pink, pale pink, fancy pink, intense pink, fancy pink, bright pink, fancy dark pink, and deep pink. If there is a secondary color, it is also included in the grade.

Pink diamonds and carat weight

In general, larger fancy colored diamonds are rarer and therefore cost a lot more per carat. This trend is even more pronounced with pink diamonds, which are among the rarest color diamonds.

So, if you plan to buy a pink diamond over 0.3-0.4 carats, be prepared to pay a lot more than a smaller but comparable stone.

Plan your budget accordingly and keep in mind that pink diamonds over 0.5 carats are very rare and expensive.

Assessment of the clarity of pink diamonds

Although the purity of the pink diamonds is classified in the same way as that of the colorless stones, this characteristic is not as important for the fancy colored diamonds because their defects tend to be less visible because of the color of the stone.

All things being equal, pink diamonds with fewer defects are more expensive. However, you do not have to pay a high price for a stone that is perfectly clean - a cheaper diamond with a lower degree of purity may look just as good to the naked eye.

You can find reasonably clean stones in the SI1-SI2 purity range that have no inclusions visible to the naked eye; Fancy colored diamonds in VS and VVS purity grades tend to be more expensive but may not offer a visible difference.

pink diamond

Pink and cut diamonds

When it comes to pink diamonds (and all fancy colored diamonds for that matter), the size is not evaluated in the same way as that of colorless stones.

This is because colored diamonds are not necessarily trimmed in proportions that maximize shine and luster as these features are considered secondary for fancy colored stones. Instead, the colored diamonds are cut to maximize the intensity of the color.

So, do not judge the size of pink diamonds using traditional shades. You should first look at the color of the stone and consider the shine only after you are satisfied with the saturation of the diamond's color.

Pink treated and synthetic diamonds

Since natural pink diamonds are very rare and expensive, sellers offer artificial colored stones that are more affordable.

Some pink diamonds are simply natural colorless diamonds that have been subjected to heat, pressure and irradiation to change their color.

There are also synthetic pink diamonds, which are created in the laboratory but have the same chemical structure as natural stones.

When buying a pink diamond, always make sure that the stone is accompanied by a certificate that documents whether it is natural or synthetic as well as whether the diamond has been treated to change color.

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