Tips For Buying The Best Scented Dollar Store Candles

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If it’s your first time buying a scented candle you’ll probably find out it’s a rather crowded market. If you’re a candle veteran you’ll know that there’s certainly no shortage of choice. 

There’s a lot more to consider than just smell however. Here are some top tips for buying the best scented dollar store candles.

If your candle vendor knows their wicks form their wax and is proud about their product, they should be keen to let you know the following information – we’ll leave our info as we go along.

Burn Time

Now, there’s no point buying a beautifully scented candle if the fun is going to be short lived – burn time is important. The longer your candle burns for the more bang for your buck you’ll get. 

All good things must come to an end, but you want to make sure you get value!

Burn time can be affected by the composition of wax, the wick, the quantity of other additives such as fragrance, scent holders, dyes and pigments, and the candle’s shape and size.

A poorly chosen, wonkily placed wick can give you an uneven burn and leave wax left over, while too many additives can clog the wick and leave you with a dim light that’ll fizzle out. 

Too many combustible additives will swiftly end your candle in a blaze of glory and can be dangerous.

Ideally you want dollar store candles that will have a strong (but not too dangerous), enduring flame, with little soot and great smell, that burns evenly.

Scent Throw and Capture

Scent is one of those things that is relative to the individual. We all have smells we prefer and some people are more sensitive than others. That said, a candles scent throw (how far it disperses its smell) and its ability to maintain its scent over time, are important.


Wax is a hotly debated topic in candle making and they all have their own pro’s and cons. The main waxes are made from palm oil, vegetable oil, mineral oil (paraffin) ,coconut oil, soy and beeswax.

What's worth noting is that a study from the national candle makers association of America showed that in terms of burn quality, no one wax is superior. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to the candles material.

It’s important to remember that it’s not just the base material of the wax that matters. It’s where it comes from, how it’s got to where it is, how refined it is and the other ingredients that have to be added to it to improve its performance. Keep it in mind while buying dollar store candles. 

 As with lots of things, it's all relative; the main advice would be to make sure the producer has done their research.

What’s important is to keep questioning things to find the best current option for you. If you really care, don’t just jump on the bandwagon.

At the end of the day it depends on what you’re wanting from a candle. Do you want good price, high performance, or ethics?  Ensure you pick just the best.

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