Tips And Design Guide For Creating Custom Printed Boxes

by Daniel W. Marketing Manager

Custom printed boxes are required for making it easy for the customers to differentiate your brand from the competitive market visually in an instant. They are comparatively more expensive because such packages follow complex procedures to create intricate and likable prints on the material. But, it is worth the money!

Imagine presenting your product or receiving a gift wrapped inside an exceptionally styled, top-quality, beautifully designed box adorned with fabulous, multi-color illustrations. How can you not be urged to buy the product right away? 

The multi-colored packaging has always been and will always be the best option in comparison to the plain, brown boxes that give no excitement.

Excellent Custom Printing Practices Available In the Market

Digital Printing – A cost-efficient solution comprises full-color prints that are smeared to a corrugated box directly.

Flexographic Printing – A simple and pretty basic printing technique involving a maximum of three colors is best suited for printing straightforward visuals, designs, images, patterns, etc.

Litho laminating – The premium quality printing method consisting of high-resolution and photorealistic illustrations that are directly applied to the chosen paper, which is mounted over the box afterward

A Quick Information about the Costs and Time Frame

If you have chosen one-color printing for Custom Printed Packaging and adding colors to it, you can expect a 10% increase in the cost for a single color. Though this price will increase incrementally for every extra color added. The litho-laminated printing is most luxurious and pricey, providing high-end quality.

You can get your custom printed boxes within five business days and sometimes less. This time will only be extended when you have chosen a highly complicated design to be printed. It might take weeks.

Tips on Utilizing the Printing Space in the Best Way Possible

Take advantage of the top side

Whenever you pick any product, what will you notice first? Obviously, the imprint is on the top side of the package. It's a human instinct, and you have to take benefit from it wisely. You can consider the top side of the box the ice-breaker, and it truly is. Whatever you choose to print on its top will be the welcoming element so, make it count. Always remember it! The best option is to place the logo o brand’s name on the front/top side.

Ignore the corners

Never use corners, or at least try to avoid printing on the corners on printed packaging boxes. If you plan to move the logo or valuable information to the corner instead of the top or central place, you are doing it all wrong. All-important graphics will lose their importance if taken to the corner. Why? Because first, it directly reduces the chances that the buyer will notice the information stick to the edges. Secondly, designing elements too close to the border will lead the printing machine to either miss or cut it halfway.

Use Texts

Try writing a compelling and fun text from the selling point of view. You are welcomed to use custom writing styles but keep it simple and legible. Take good care of the writing standards! Place it on the Custom printed boxes where you expect the customers to see it first. The imprinted sentence can be long or short, on-word or a liner. Always keep it to the reference of your product.

Be Sure To Include Your Social Media

Make yourself visible on social media by promoting your social media handles. And printing them on the custom boxes is the best way. Adding details about your every social media network can help you get fame and boost sales. It can be an ideal call to action (CTA)!

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