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by Jacky Lee website marketing

Peak of back-to-school shopping season is July, if the seller is not ready to start as early as possible, it may miss this year's second largest shopping season (second only to the December year-end shopping season). Studies show that from the kindergarten to the 12th grade student parents, the average cost is 674 USD for children to buy new sports shoes, fashion apparel, electronic products, calculators and book folders. College students’ parents will even spend even higher. Now sellers can start planning back to school season. Cell Phone Age com offers several ways to help sellers win more back to school customers and stay competitive.


1, Find out who will likely be your client and plan an ad auction

Visitors increase means an increase in budget. In order to meet the maximum budget, you must first determine who is targeted, and then implement targeted activities. According to a study, back to school shoppers are divided by age group: 35-49 years (32%), 50-64 years (31%); most shoppers are women and mothers. But remember, although the mother responses for paying, who really decide to buy anything are usually children. In making decisions, the seller must take into account the real decision maker. This means that the seller to design two different ads, to attract parents and children. And through the search engine bid modifier, the seller can make advertising more personalized. In addition, ensure that the back to school customers by region. In this way, the seller can not only meet customers according to seasons and local trends, but also according to the school time of different regions focus on the promotion of products.


In addition, do not ignore the teacher of this group. Because the school funding is more and more shortage, most teachers spend an average of 500 USD on equipment for their own class. Some teachers even spend more than 1,000 USD. The seller may consider donating classroom supplies or offering a certain percentage of sales to the local school, or provide "buy one get one" promotional activities. Putting these donations or promotional messages into advertising can encourage people to buy your products, trust your brand, and feel that their buying behavior is meaningful.


2. Determine what customers are searching for

In order for the event to be successful, the seller must know what the shopper is looking for during back to school season. The answer lies in the data. Take the time to understand the market trends associated with the product, find the hot search terms, and search time. For example, Bing data show that the highest back to school season search results is: clothing (clothes and shoes) accounted for 58.5%; search peak is July and August. So during this time, the seller can enhance product promotion, special sales, increase comments, expand inventory and so on.


Sometimes back to school season shoppers will also search for some unexpected products from the seller, such as bed and bathroom supplies. Over the past six months, more than 16% of the Bing browser searchers will spend $ 200-499 to buy bed and bathroom supplies. By optimizing these products’ listings, seller will get some additional profits. Electronic products are also included to back to school season hot product categories. Advertising for these hot search products, the effect will be very good.


Clothing - 72% of the search terms are not with the brand name. Hot search terms: t-shirts, shirts for teen girls and cute plus-size outfits. Tips: in the ad to show effect of clothing wear on body, or clothing pictures with a variety of different colors, more possible to attract customers’ attention.


Laptop & Tablet - 76% of the search terms are not brand name. Hot Deals: best deals, tablets and best tablet deal. Tips: Use feedbacks and reviews to drive customer’s purchase decisions, and if the product is being promoted, be sure to highlight the promotional price.


School supplies - 81% of the search terms are not with the brand name. Hot search terms: calculator, scientific calculator and portfolio. Tips: consider offering discount coupons.


Furniture, decorations and bed & bathroom supplies - 88% of the search terms are not brand name. Hot search terms: furniture, furniture stores, mattress stores, memory foam mattress. Tips: show the status of product in an actual scene. For example, the carpet is placed on the floor of room.


3. Expand brand awareness by understanding where the target customers often go shopping

The data show that most back-to-school online shoppers on average choose only 3 websites to buy, those are Amazon, eBay and Wal-Mart. Find out where customers often go shopping when back to school season comes, and then put the activities of advertising to the front of them so that more potential buyers who know your brands through advertises likely change into your real customers.


In recent years more and more students and parents are willing to place orders on some fast growing B2C online shops where categories are abundant and prices are more affordable. This year summer you should not miss the shopping opportunity of back to school sale season by Cell Phone Age com since favorable discounts and coupons are offered to shoppers from all over the world. 

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