Three Ways that Spot Beams Enhance Forklift Safety

by Tyler P. A Passionate Blogger - Entertainment

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, from the worker hauling boxes from one aisle to the next or the forklift driver moving pallets across the warehouse. Situational awareness is key but it can be difficult with loud noises getting in the way and confusing signals if they are subtle and easy to misread. Forklifts are often equipped with side lights which help identify a safe distance but you won’t see these until it is right in front of you and by then it may be too late. Providing employees an advance warning visual that is hard to miss is a great way to prevent accidents and increase the workplace safety rating.

When you purchase blue forklift lights that are specifically designed to provide a large colored radius of light in front of the machine then pedestrians can stop and wait for it to pass them. The light is easily attached to the forklift with no-drill hardware and can be affixed to the top or side depending on the make and model of the equipment as well as the maintenance crew’s preference. The light shines a circle of blue or red depending on which was purchased, several feet in front of the forklift so workers can see it coming even before it emerges from the aisle.

Yellow and red lights are common in warehouses to indicate caution, danger area and other safety hazards so they can become easy to ignore or misinterpret when these are affixed to moving machinery. Instead, when you buy forklift blue light, the color, size, shape and mobility of the image is so arresting that individuals automatically stop to see what is coming which keeps them out of harm’s way in the path of the forklift. This is especially helpful in warehouses where shoppers are frequent and not familiar with the various safety indicators but the blue light is distinct enough that they will stop anyway to see what is coming. The blue light is constantly in front of the forklift by several feet so whether it is turning corners, coming out of the aisle or entering the warehouse from an exterior ramp, the light is the first indicator that individuals in the area need to exercise caution. As an additional enhancement, combine the blue light with an audible warning system so users not only see the visual but can also hear that the forklift is coming.  Audible on its own isn’t enough because of the noisiness of the building but partnered with a distinct visual, both can help to decrease safety accidents in the workplace.

The price of safety equipment is worth the investment when it means an increase in the company’s reputation and a decrease in paying for medical bills as well as lawsuits from the family. Take time to research top safety equipment for forklift machinery and other important tools that will make your workplace a safer area for employees and customers. Affordable pricing is available when purchasing in bulk and delivery is guaranteed in a timely manner so you can make your area safe as soon as possible.

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