Three Signs of a Tooth Cavity

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Most people don’t know they have cavities unless they visit the dentist on a regular basis and this professional sees the beginning stages of the condition. This is because there are no early signs associated with a cavity making prevention one of the best ways to avoid the development of this oral issue. Proper daily brushing, flossing and rinsing combined with annual deep cleaning visits to the dentist are recommended for children and adults to prevent cavities and other conditions in this area.

Cavities develop when food and drink get into the crevices of the tooth, break down and eat away at the enamel which is the protective barrier around the tooth. A tiny hole or black spot is created which is the first sign that there is an issue forming but typically only seen during a cleaning visit with the best Airdrie dentists. This is because most people can’t see into the top of their teeth and often don’t look so their first indication that something is wrong is when they feel discomfort with extreme temperatures or pain in the tooth.

By this time, the cavity has taken root but is still treatable with a simple filling which is recommended to be done as soon as possible to prevent infection or further decay in the tooth. When left untreated, patients will continue to experience pain that grows in intensity along with sensitivity when eating, chewing and biting down on their teeth. Severe decay can also lead to headaches because the pain and infection can spread in the mouth necessitating a complex treatment plan that is more expensive than a basic filling. 
The top  dentist in Airdrie recommends that patients come in at the first sign of discomfort or pain, so they can perform an evaluation and take care of the issue before it spreads and gets worse. Cavities left on their own may eventually require a root canal because the infection has become severe and this involves cleaning out the tooth completely, filling and covering it with a special cap. This option will require at least two visits and is more expensive than the cavity filling procedure, so it is better to seek treatment early rather than let it go for any length of time.
Daily brushing at home is a great start but it may not be enough to prevent cavities developing so it is important to ensure that you and family members are visiting the best dentist in the area on a regular schedule. Children are more likely to have cavities because they have a harder time using the proper techniques so the annual dentist visit can help offset this and include fun training. Make an appointment today and get your evaluation completed and a deep cleaning done so that your mouth feels like new, looks better and is given the treatment it deserves to stay healthy. Looking for enhancements such as braces, whitening, crowns or dentures? Check out the top general family dentist in your area and get established with them to determine what needs to be done and get a personalized treatment plan for creating the smile you have always wanted. 

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