Three Infallible Tips To Build A Good Quote Within A Digital Marketing Agency

by Marsh Maxwell Web Digital Group

Pricing for a product or service is a very sensitive issue in all areas of the market. However, it is possible to prevent the very idea of putting together an effective quote from a digital marketing agency from becoming a headache.


Although it is true that one of the biggest challenges that agencies face today is that of setting a price for their services; It is no less true that we can simplify the steps that will lead us to know how much we should charge for the development of a marketing plan , for example.


Optimal or quality services generally require very high prices. When we enter the world of digital marketing we realize that high-value content almost always requires very high prices. This reason makes us more committed to customers.


When we look for offers within this field, we must thoroughly examine each of the elements that enshrine the digital world. Not necessarily costs or prices well below global demand will drive to have quality content.


If you want to have a good service or optimal content it is necessary that you understand that prices must be above the competition. To generate it you need to investigate further.


What is a Digital Marketing Agency?


Many mistakenly believe people who talk about a digital marketing agency is doing an advertising agency . This is not true. The first refers to a company whose function is to provide advisory  and support services in relation to the planning, implementation and control of marketing activities.


Whereas, an advertising agency is oriented to publicize a product, service or company; through traditional communication channels or also online.


The marketers conduct market research, analyze opportunities and threats, develop marketing plans ; They design marketing strategies and tactics, controlling and monitoring the activities carried out. For their part, those who work in an advertising agency position a product or service so that the potential buyer keeps it in mind.


Defining a Budget for Clients


It should be noted that every digital marketing agency must take into account the importance of getting the price right and the service packages it offers.


Why? If the amount is set too low, business growth would be slowed; This, in turn, will lead to you having trouble paying your bills at the end of the month. If, on the contrary, the price is very high, it will suffer a lot to close new sales; so you will be easily beaten by your competitors.


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Consider price as a strategy


This basically dictates that the setting of the price defines a large part of the business strategy , in such a way that it allows a clear vision of the financial viability of the agency . In this sense, it is worth mentioning that before making the decision, it must be taken into account that each client and each agency is in a certain context, which deserves to be evaluated.


The variables that influence the stipulation of prices and the formation of the sales process are diverse.


Among the main aspects is the true value of the service; where questions such as how much does our agency add to the client's business must be answered? Or how much can they grow by having us as allies within their digital marketing strategies ?


Fix the difference between price and value


Both the agency and the client must be clear that price and value are completely different things, even if they are concepts that go hand in hand. Thus, we can ensure that the final price is set above the total cost, which includes the appreciation of our services.


If the client has a perception of value higher than the price of the service itself, we will be in tune with a win-win relationship ; where they get the best of us, and we make a profit as well as recognition and prestige.


In other words, price is something tangible that has the purpose of segmenting, positioning and defining the target markets to be reached. While the value is different between one person and another, because each one assigns different attributes, feelings and values ​​to a product or service.


Calculate costs accurately


To establish with great sense a quote for our services as a digital marketing agency , and therefore have security at the time of presenting the budget to the potential client ; It is necessary to be very realistic when setting prices and do it without fear.


For this, all activities, costs, professionals and average time must be listed. Such activity must be perfectly aligned with the entire agency team, to avoid possible incongruities.


The calculations are then carried out, which include the cost of professional labor , the percentage of fixed costs (rent, internet, telephone); the investment of third parties, such as hiring freelancers for content production.


Similarly, taxes and fixed profit margin should be included. Once all the calculations have been fixed, it will be possible to arrive at the final price of the services we offer.


Generally when we refer to the precision of costs we always depend on the chances of success that we will have with the audience. That audience , or that success, is measured through popularity elements.


While it is true in the world of Digital Marketing each page or idea that is published has a cost. That cost will be higher when we manage to penetrate the minds of users or the public.


Being successful in the world of Digital Marketing is not static, on the contrary, it requires movement: dynamics that are in line with the needs of the audience. If we are aware of this idea then surely the costs and profits will be much higher.


The advertising is a key factor in the field digital, because it is the foundation that underpins the profits of all the work. When we have optimal advertising we will have very high results and costs. For this reason, many people or clients look for quality in relation between price and content quality, in order to generate an empathy between their needs and tastes.


When we connect with these elements, the chances of success are greater, since it reaches the goal we want to reach. These values ​​mean a lot for the digital market, since it channels each of the demands we seek.


Reaching the rhythm or movement of novelties in the digital world is very difficult, however, approaching them is a great advantage to have a close relationship between price and quality .


Golden Rules When Quoting As An Agency


It should always be borne in mind that the key is to make the client see that our service represents an investment and not a cost.


If our agency manages to become a strategic ally of the client, there will be a good prospect that a faithful relationship will emerge between the parties. The reason? The services that deliver results are valued, and this value enters into the commercial proposal with the client.


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In a discussion about the price, our speech should be focused on the return that we will bring for the client.


Once the hiring is achieved, we must do our part with excellence ; in order to gain confidence through a well-executed service that generates results for the client.


When the client realizes that our services really make a difference , they will not mind investing more and more in our agency.


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