Three Features of a Successful Recovery Process

by Kristen White Blogger
One of the pitfalls that can make it easier to return to the former lifestyle is going back to live in the same area where the individual was exposed to the substance or influences that got them involved the first time.  It’s hard to start over in a new area but the sober living environment in San Jose CA was established to give recovering addicts the ability to go somewhere different so they could have a ‘clean slate’ to give them their best change at success. This is a critical component of the recovery process because it removes the ‘friend’, peer pressure and other environmental factors that could pull the individual back in.

A lifestyle under the influence of alcohol or drugs can impact an individual’s ability to work and keep a stable job and without this, they have too much time on their hands which leads to boredom, depression and a variety of possible health issues. These factors are another reason that people return to substance abuse because they are familiar with the effects and they know it dulls the pain and aching, mentally and physically.  

The sober living environment in San Jose CA can help place individuals in jobs that best utilize their skill giving them a sense of purpose and something to do that keeps them off the streets. In addition, the group support within the house helps to encourage the right kind of peer pressure, accountability and encouragement so the participant knows they have someone to talk to and lean on during the hardest times of the struggle. Homes are often near public transportation so that no vehicle is needed and may even be within walking distance.

The sober living homes are affordable as many of these individuals may not have a solid financial base due to their former habits, not having family support and other factors. While lack of cash can reduce the chances of being able to buy the substance, it can also lead to living on the streets or in worse locations where drugs and alcohol are more prevalent and easily available.
Recovery is about getting back to a stable life, taking control of emotions and decisions and developing good habits that will last a lifetime. This is best accomplished in an environment where others understand the struggle, know how to empathize and support and resources are available to help with the basics.  Everyone is expected to participate in responsibilities around the house and the homes are strategically placed in a variety of locations to give residents options on where to live that works with job and other logistics.

The first step is always the hardest but once you are on the path, the right environment can be the difference between making it a lifetime change and slipping back into old habits. Go online and check out the sober living communities and see how your or a family member can get connected to ensure that this new opportunity is the one that counts for the long term. 

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