Three commonly used professional waste disposal methods

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When it comes to disposing of waste, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. The fact of the matter is, the rate at which waste is being generated today has come to a point where landfills are starting to run out of space. Of course, if everyone followed the 3R’s of waste management (reduce, reuse and recycle), waste disposal wouldn’t be such an issue. But since that’s not the case, we must fall back on professional waste management companies to collect, separate and discard waste in the most appropriate and environmentally friendly manner.

But how do professionals tackle the difficult task of waste disposal on such a large scale? Here are three common methods of waste disposal professionals utilize.


This is the most popular method of waste disposal by far, yet it’s not without risk as dumping waste in a landfill has the potential to release toxic and inflammable fumes. This is why this form of waste treatment requires that guidelines are strictly adhered to. Landfills obviously don’t take the crown for being the most environmentally friendly alternative to waste disposal; as a result, every dumping ground must be located far away from habitation.


Incineration is simply a process that seeks to burn waste till there’s none of it left. Put more realistically, it burns the waste to the point where only a small amount which can be easily done away with is left. Incineration is an effective way to reduce waste volume in a short span of time. That being said, it does produce pollutants and requires fuel to burn. Yes, it’s not exactly the most conservationist method of getting rid of waste, but it does have a green benefit despite giving way to contaminants: the heat produced can be utilized as valuable energy which suits regions that have high energy demands.


Of all the methods of waste management, recycling is undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly. Recycling waste is also inexpensive and fairly easy to do, especially with small-scale waste which can be easily handled by a professional residential service provider.

Waste management is the prerogative of not only our local authorities but each of us as well. The more we work at different levels the less waste we are going to have to deal with. The land is not infinite, so it's time to start taking our environmental responsibilities seriously.


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