Three Base Materials of 2-4 Layer Metal Core PCB

by JID PCB GROUP 2-4 Layer Metal Core PCB (MCPCB: Aluminum, Copper)
The base materials of a 2-4 layer metal core PCB are aluminum and copper. Due to cost, aluminum is highly on-demand in the market, especially in LED lights market. Metal Core PCB (MCPCB) means the base material for PCB is a metal, not the normal 1-32 layer FR-4 PCB and presently the most common metal utilized for a 2-4 layer metal core PCB (MCPCB) are copper and aluminum. Aluminum features good dissipation and heat transferring capacity, but yet comparatively less expensive; copper has even better functionality but comparatively costlier. People will select their core or base material as per their various applications.

Aluminum PCB

Aluminum PCB is also called aluminum metal core PCB (MCPCB), IMS (Insulated metal substrate). Aluminum PCB contains three parts including:

1. Circuit layer (Copper layer) – This one is printed circuit copper foil layer from 1.0 OZ up to 8 OZ.

2. The Dielectric layer (Insulated layer) – There are amazing delivery time and excellent price in case the raw material is made in Taiwan and China.

3. Substrate layer (Metal layer) – There are four kinds of aluminum layer – 1001, 3001, 5052, and 6063.

Aluminum Clad PCBs

Available as both single and multi-layer PCBs, aluminum Clad PCBs are ideal for power supply solutions and LED lighting. Top benefits of aluminum-clad PCBs are:

• Lessen the size of the printed circuit board.
• Reduce operating temperature.
• Maximize the life of dies.
• Extend power density.
• Boost product mechanical and thermal functionality.
• Lower the number of interconnects.
• Enhance product durability.
• Combine control and power.
• Accelerate heat sinks and other mounting hardware.
• Allow the better application of surface mount technology.
• Replace delicate ceramic substrates with better mechanical durability.

The price of aluminum-clad PCBs depends on the need of LED PCB. The thickness of this PCB is 0.6-3.0mm. Price becomes higher when the thickness is more. Price becomes also higher due to higher thermal conductivity.

Copper Core PCB

Copper core PCB contains copper circuits, a copper substrate, and an insulating layer. Moreover, this is also named as copper clad PCB, copper-based PCB, copper substrate PCB. A reputable MCPCB manufacturer makes different copper core PCB for clients. This PCB is utilized for high power LED lights and power supply. There are four kinds of the copper-based circuit boards in LED field:

1. COB Copper PCB (Chip on Board copper PCB) – LED chip direct thermal sink to copper substrate.

2. Copper Base COB PCB – Direct thermal path, no electric layer under the thermal path pad.

3. Copper core PCB manufacturer – Direct thermal path, no electric layer, aluminum copper PCB.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of PCB manufacturers who manufacture multilayer PCBs like Mixed FR-4 + Rogers PCB with an assurance of better quality. The demand for multilayer PCBs has been growing over the years. Since PCB boards are highly beneficial, powerful, and smaller electronics, different companies also look for these efficient circuit boards. In a nutshell, look for a manufacturer who provides different types of circuit boards.

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