This is how HGH Supplements work

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HGH supplements are commonly made out of all-natural ingredients. They are made this way to encourage your pituitary gland to produce more HGH - human growth hormone. I use the word “more” because your body is already producing this hormone. However, as we age, our body produces less HGH.

HGH - Human Growth Hormone

As I’ve already briefly mentioned, the human body naturally produces HGH. It’s one of many hormones that are secreted by our pituitary gland. HGH is commonly referred to as the “fountain of youth“ hormone or the “anti-aging” hormone.

This is because, when we are in our teenage years and even into our 20s, our body maintains an optimum level of HGH. It is why, in our younger years, we have a faster metabolism and have more energy. When we get older, our metabolism slows down resulting in weight gain and we naturally have lower levels of energy.

In addtion, as we move into our 30s, 40s and 50s, we may experience a decrease in the quality of our complexion, lower sex drive, and a loss of lean muscle. This is where all-natural HGH supplement is most effective.

How HGH Supplements Work

On your search to find an effective all-natural HGH supplement, you will find that the ingredients can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. This is because each company, and there aren't many, attempt to be an industry leader in this area and they work hard to combine, what they feel, are the most effective ingredients.

GenF20 Plus for example, offers 16 all-natural ingredients that work together to stimulate the production of HGH. Some of their ingredients include L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, L-Lysine and Tribulus terrestris.

And while their formula appeals to the masses, there are other HGH supplements that are more tailored to those that are actively involved in fitness. Having optimum levels of HGH has a number of benefits which is why these supplements have become very popular.

HGH Supplements vs Synthetic HGH

I am going to clarify the difference between an HGH releaser supplement like GenF20 Plus and synthetic HGH.

HGH Supplements

The most common HGH supplements that you are going to come across are made with a combination of all-natural ingredients and are available without prescription.  

The combination of powerful ingredients work together to give you more energy, help with weight loss, increase your sex drive and help you have a batter sleep.

Synthetic HGH

You will most likely come across some listings that advertise synthetic HGH. This is HGH that is available by prescription only. It is administered by a doctor with a syringe. Treatments can cost upwards to $30,000 per injection.

Although this method is effective as well, it is not the most feasible option for the masses because of the cost. This is a big reason as to why HGH supplements were created in the first place.


HGH supplements can be an effective anti-aging solution. There are no known severe side effects as the ingredients are all-natural. And they are commonly made with ingredients that the body already produces or that the body should consume in some form. Whether it be foods or supplements.

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