This health condition may be due to high blood pressure, keep these things in mind

by GoMedii Technologies Health Consultant

This health condition may be due to high blood pressure, keep these things in mind


People often do not consider high blood pressure as a disease and also ignore it. Did you know that high blood pressure is directly linked to heart disease? Yes! Hi BP causes damage to the heart. There is one such condition, which can arise due to high blood pressure. Hypertensive heart disease is a condition caused by high blood pressure. When high blood pressure is not treated, the heart has to work with more pressure. This leads to various heart disorders. Hypertensive heart disease can not only lead to heart attack problems but can also cause thickening of the heart muscles. High blood pressure is also directly linked to coronary artery disease.



Symptoms of Hypertensive Heart Disease


The symptoms of hypertensive heart disease can be more or less depending on the severity of the disease. Symptoms intensify as the disease progresses.


  • Pain in chest
  • chest tightness
  • breathing problems
  • Pain in the neck
  • fatigue
  • loss of appetite
  • ankle swelling




Hypertensive heart disease


Heart problem occurs due to high blood pressure because it puts more pressure in the heart arteries and muscles due to high blood pressure. Know how many types of hypertensive heart disease can be.

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Narrowing of the arteries due to high blood pressure

In hypertensive heart disease, the arteries narrow. The coronary artery transports blood to the heart muscles. When blood vessels narrow due to high blood pressure, the blood flow to the heart slows down. For this reason, the problem of coronary heart disease arises. If this problem arises, then there is a bad effect on heart function and the supply of blood to other parts of the body is not done properly. If the blood supply is not done properly, then the risk of heart attack also increases.




Thickening and enlargement of the heart

As we have already told you that due to high blood pressure, the heart is not able to pump blood properly, due to to which the muscles have to work more and it becomes somewhat thick and increases. It seems In this way something changes the way the heart works. These changes are visible in the pumping chamber of the heart. This condition is known as left ventricular hypertrophy. Coronary heart disease causes the heart to work harder, while heart enlargement causes the heart to enlarge, which compresses the coronary arteries.


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Hypertensive Heart Disease test


To check for hypertensive heart disease, the doctor will first ask you about the symptoms of the disease. The doctor checks the electrical activity of the heart through an electro-cardiac monitor. The result appears in the screen. With the help of an echocardiogram, the picture of the heart is known. Coronary angiography gives information about blood flow. The doctor recommends getting the test done only after knowing about your symptoms. You can get more information in this regard from the doctor before the examination.


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Hypertensive Heart Disease Treatment


Hypertensive heart disease is treated according to age and symptoms of the disease. Your doctor may advise you to take certain medicines. With the help of medicines, an attempt is made to prevent blood clots and at the same time, the level of cholesterol is also reduced. With the help of water pills, BP is lowered, while with the help of aspirin, blood clot formation is prevented. In some cases, surgery is needed to normalize blood flow. You can avoid this disease by keeping BP normal and with the help of a healthy diet. If you notice any kind of side effect after taking heart-related medicines, then definitely tell the doctor in this regard. Sometimes side effects get better on their own. Some side effects do not go away, so you may have to take other medicines for that.


If high blood pressure is controlled, then hypertensive heart disease can be avoided. Stress is a common problem in today's lifestyle. If stress is not taken care of, it can also lead to high blood pressure. Now you can think to yourself that if you do not adopt a good lifestyle or are surrounded by bad habits, then how big health problems can happen to you.



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