Things you should take care of while choosing winter tyres

by Bryden Smith Automobile blogger
Winters are often harsh and unrelenting. While the trees around us do look beautiful wearing a cloak of the snow, the weather in itself can be punishing for us in almost every aspect. With blizzards slapping on our face and snow falling every now and then, driving becomes an arduous task. You need the right set of tyres that keep your vehicle pushing forward.

Regular tyres don’t work that well on snow, as there are chances of skidding. You’ll never get that grip that should be there to keep you firm on the surface. That’s why you need winter tyres for such an extreme season that are specifically crafted to combat the severity of that season. The rubber and tread of the tyres are uniquely designed so that the tyres don’t lose traction on snowy roads.

Winter Tyres  Edgware

There are many types of winter tyres Edgware available in the market and that too of many brands. You need to be adept enough to choose the right quality of tyres. As a buyer you must know what goes into the making of these tyres and how do they work.

What’s the modus operandi of winter tyres?

Winter tyres have more silica in them. The rubber used to make these tyres is also soft. This makes the tyre flexible and durable. These tyres have deep grooves on them that avert the risk of aquaplaning. These are numerous sipes on the tyres that go deep into the snow to give the tyre a firm grip on the road. They are to be used when the temperature goes below 7°C.

How to choose the right tyres for the winters?

  • Your specific tyre size

Now that’s the first and most important thing that you must know. You can’t go to the store and just randomly pick any tyre. The salesperson also there would ask you this question. For that, you need to know the markings on the tyre.

For instance, if the marking says -  P220/57 R16.
Here, P stands for the passenger car tyre.
The next number 220 stands for the width of the tyre in millimetres.
57 shows the ratio between the height of the sidewall and the width of the tread.
R stands for the radial tyre.
16 stands for the diameter of the tyre from the interior side in inches.

  • The kind of roads you are going to drive on

You must know whether you mostly drive on the city roads or the highways. If it’s the city roads, then the ratio between the price and quality should be assessed properly. The poor quality of the tyres makes your vehicle lose its balance on the ground.  

  • Inspect the tyres physically

There must be many tyres in the store and you must compare them by doing a physical inspection of the tyres. You must check the grooves and flexibility of the tyres as well. The larger and deeper the grooves, the better it is.

  • Ask questions about handling and braking on snow

Both handling and braking are two very important aspects of winter tyres. Good quality tyres will help you do both with ease and confidence. You must ask the questions in detail about both these things while buying them.

  • Do not mix tyres of different brands

Whichever brand you choose, see that all four tyres Colindale are of the same brand. Mixing brands can affect your driving severely. Your tyres can even start wearing prematurely.

  • Check the tread depth of the tyres

Last,  but not least, check how much depth the tread has in the new tyres. Ideally, the minimum depth should be 1.6mm. But, in winter tyres, it’s better, if the depth is 3mm, just to be extra cautious.

Choosing a good set of tyres just needs some awareness and smartness on your part and you won’t have any problem driving on the snow-clad roads.

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