Things You Need to Know about Termination of Pregnancy

by Vardaan Hospital Health & Medical Services
Abortion is one of the buzz words, and now and then several discussions and debates occur all around the globe. Unwanted pregnancy brings up mental stress, tension and affects both physically and emotionally. To get rid of it, termination of pregnancy is the best and safest way to go. It is one of the secure and safe treatments and involves less risk as compared to giving birth. In India, women can avail safe abortion services, but still, in some countries, women's ability to excess secure and safe abortion is restricted. This resulted in a huge number of deaths among women every year because of the complications that arise in the unsafe termination of pregnancy. 

Abortion is done by two methods and they are:

  • Medical abortion or MTP (medical termination of pregnancy)
  • Surgical abortion aspiration abortion 

Both methods are fully secured and safe. The type of method used would depend upon the time and duration of pregnancy. This would be best suggested by the gynaecologist or the abortion doctor. If you are searching for the Abortion clinic, then always go for nearby clinics. If you would ask then I try to find abortion clinic near me. As it is more feasible, time-saving, and a reliable option to choose from. 

Now let's discuss some of the other important aspects of abortion, other than treatment and legalities. So, let's get started. 

What to expect after an abortion?

It's good and important to know what is normal after an abortion, so you know what to expect and what to consider and look out for. This would help in better treatment and timely medical aid in serious conditions. 

The experience varies from person to person after a surgical or medical procedure has been completed. You'll experience bleeding, ranging from spotting to heavy clots. It would continue up to your next menstrual cycle and may be irregular and unpredictable. Prevent using tampons or menstrual cups and use sanitary towels or pads as this will help to prevent infection. You may also experience crampy pains, which is normal. 

The symptoms will start to settle after a couple of days or a week. The initial symptoms are nausea and vomiting which would disappear after treatment. 

For how long the pain lasts after an abortion?
The pain and cramps can be constant or irregular and can come and go. It would also differ from person to person. 
It's very common to get cramping on and off in the first two weeks after abortion treatment. 

Pain relief

The doctor will prescribe some medicines and pain relief tablets, which would help you in the pain. Please do not take any medicine without a doctor's prescription as it could have any side effect. 


  • You can use a heating pad or hot water bottle wrapped in a cloth or towel to your lower abdomen. 
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing. 
  • Make sure that you are relaxed and comfortable at home.

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