Things to Pack and Not To Pack When Moving!

by Ram Sewak Transportation
All of us get tangled with our own decisions when we think about whether we should move something or not while relocating homes. This is what actually makes us frantic. Consider you have a move planned from Mumbai to Delhi and you have even spoken to an expert team of packers and movers in Mumbai because you want your belongings to be dealt with care and expertise, which only the moving pros can assure you. But then, how would you know what all those items are which should be prepared for the move and which should be left aside to be dealt with in a different way?

To know that, you will have to read the pointers we have assembled in this article.

Decide and make choices – To know which items you want to move, you will have to first figure out the things that you would not move with you. It could be confusing initially but if you see all the articles you own carefully, you will quickly figure out things that are simply of no use to you and do not add value to your life. Finally, once you have gone through all of that, make choices.
Removing the extra-clutter – You know, what’s difficult, after you have inspected every belonging at your place? It is when you decide what you want and what you should de-clutter? At this point, remember prioritizing. Not every item in your household would hold equal value in your life. So, go by the utility of the product before you go by its worth. Sorting then would be easy.
Ways to manage load – You inspected your goods, sorted them and now it is time to manage the collection of unwanted stuff that you created after the evaluation. Out of these unnecessary items, you would certainly have your choices for the items that you want to sell, donate or discard, right? At this point, decide wisely because that again would have its purpose to play.
Talk to experts & decide – You must have a clear discussion with the moving team so you can decide which goods are not allowed for safety concerns and other goods that should not be moved for practical reasons. The movers will clarify all of that with you everything at the time of discussion. If you have other queries, you can talk to them and sort out things.

Take a Note of Things Not To Move:

Big and Bulky Stuff – Whether it is an old and giant music system or a worn-out sofa set laying in the backyard of your house, you must know all these big items take up a lot of space, and moving them does not make sense at all. Also, handling of these big items calls for professional assistance, so consider not moving them. And also, the weight they end up adding to your existing moving load makes your move big and therefore, the costs you pay are also high!

Appliances/electronics – As mentioned above, you would certainly have a few decent appliances and devices at home that you would have bought spending good money but transporting the complicated stuff would be expensive. So, consider selling them or donating them, so can move light. Many people choose to buy new appliances post the move, if you are considering the same; do not pack the existing ones.
General goods – Your household would have several goods that you must not move. These are the regular household items that everyone has in their place – from artwork, antiques, crockery, furniture, accessories, furnishings, equipment, clothing, devices, etc. Things from each of the categories should be evaluated and the old, broken, damaged, surplus items should be discarded, donated, or sold. Remember, the more items you move, the higher would be the moving cost. So, pack cautiously.
Stationery and Books – All the useless paperwork you have accumulated in your place over the years should be sorted and only the needful ones should be moved. If you are keeping these with you out of your sentiment, act sensibly, leave them aside and just get all the papers shredded before you move. For the books, consider moving only those that you have not read or you would want to go through them again. You will then see your move getting lighter, simpler, and easier!
Pantry and bathroom items – Let’s now decide which items to pack and move from the kitchen and the washroom respectively. From the kitchen, do not pack the broken and old cooking utensils, rarely used appliances, and all the greasy containers and vessels. From the bathroom, you should check which bathing supplies and toiletries are fine and only pack the ones that are filled. Half-filled product bottles, expired items should not be moved.
Clothes and accessories – People usually get confused when they are evaluating clothes for the move. They simply go through the outfits they have and end up over-packing, by packing the unneeded stuff too. So, when you are evaluating your wardrobe items, keep in mind the weather of the city you are moving to and pack accordingly. The clothes and accessories you do not wear at present and would not wear at the new place must not be packed.
All the storage junk – Our households are also comprised of too much junk. We realize this intimately when we are overlooking our belongings at our place. Upon glancing through things, we come across a lot of things that are nothing but accumulated junk. Not that they do not come to use ever, but the majority of these items are of least use – whether it is the odds and ends that are collected within our storage cabinets or the jumbled stuff we have kept in our wardrobes.

Letting go of things is definitely hard but it is harder when you know you are paying for things that you would not even use in your new home or even in your future. So the next time you plan to move with a lesser load, never mind taking some ideas from this post and book the movers and packers in Mumbai.

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