Things To Lookout For To Buy The Perfect Designer Shoes

by Monika Chiang Monika Chiang A Shoes Designer
A pair of shoes not only should look good but should also fit well so that it does not affect your walking and affect your health as well in the long run. Therefore, before buying pair of shoes see how well it fits to your feet so that you can enjoy the benefits along with the comfort and improved performance. It will also keep you active with a pair of healthy feet along with enable you to make a fashion statement. Most importantly, it should satisfy your needs. Therefore, when you shop, make sure that both the feet are measured and not one only.

Need To Measure Both

Though it is believed that your body is nature’s wonderful creation of a symmetrical shape for most of the people one foot may be a bit larger than the other. Moreover, there may be some difference in size and shape of the toes and fingers of the two feet and therefore, you should always judge the size of your larger foot. It is also natural for the widening and lengthening of your feet over the course of the day and also as you grow old. It depends on the activities that you are related to and also your age. Therefore all these factors need to be considered whole buying Designer shoes.

Size Are Not Standard

You should not buy shoes with a premonition that the sizes mentioned on all designer high heel shoes are standard ones. Sizes will vary from brand to brand and also across the styles and therefore if you find a particular shoe marked size 8 by one manufacturer may be half an inch different from another brand. Therefore, you will have to know about the characteristics and techniques of the makers before buying the right pair and in case of any doubt, consult with the sales personnel at the store. You can also trace your foot on a piece of paper and hold it against the sole to see the fit and choose the one which is closest to it.
Activity And Time Factor

The time for which you will wear the shoe and the type of activity that you are involved in will also determine your choice. Designer shoes or not, the right way to measure the size and fit is to stand during the process and also walk up and down to feel the comfort or anomaly. There must be enough space between the shoe end and your longest toe, ideally 3/8 to l/2″, as it needs extra space for accommodating the elongation during running or walking.

Position of The Ball Of Your Foot

The ball of your foot should be in the widest part of the shoe so that it flexes and bends perfectly. Check for any slippage, though a minimum amount of slippage will be there always, especially in the heels. This will ensure proper backward and forward movement of the feet and natural stepping. Also care for the orthotics that you may use where you will have to buy roomier shoes.

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