Things to know when installing Solar

by Tom Grieves Solar Installer

When considering installing a solar power system in your home you must consider a few things first. Solar is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to lower energy bills and most importantly reduce your own carbon footprint. So when choosing a Solar provider, as well as choosing the type of system for you, there are some things to remember. 


1. How much power will I use?


Knowing how much power you do use is key - this will allow you to anticipate the size of solar system that you should be looking at and the consumption you should be planning for. If you get a system that is too small, you may not be saving the amount you anticipate.


A good guide for translating this into solar systems is 3kW is great for a 2 person household, while 6.6kW systems will be for 4+. Find out what your usage is by contacting your current energy provider.


2. What is my end goal?


The second question is what is the end goal for you or you and your family with solar energy. Do you want to exclusively use solar power? Eventually expand your system? Do you want to feed your solar power back into the grid? These answers can provide answers to what system or products to look at.. Someone who is looking to expand may look at something like a Micro-inverter. While someone interested in a large system due to their desired output will be looking at more panels. 


3. Your Budget


Budget can be a tricky one, and as rebates and incentives differ from state to state/territory in Australia this can change depending on area. Victorian residents will be different to New South Wales. However, having a budget will help determine the quality of product being used, and this can have a large impact going forward with longer warranty periods, and high reliability. 


Brands in solar can differ greatly in quality, so we recommend talking to a solar installer about what they use, why they use it, and if it aligns to not only your budget, but what you want out of your solar PV system. Some popular brands to explore can be Fronius and Enphase. Remember to do your own research though, and find what else works. 


4. Picking the Right Installer


While you can find the right system you want to install, finding the right person to install is is equally as important. They will take care of maintenance, as well as making sure you get the most out of your PV system.


Check testimonials, and if possible, try and find out some projects they have recently under taken. Are their customers happy? Finding this out early can save a lot of pain later on. A high quality solar installer will have lots of work to their name that they can be proud of, if they can't provide you this information, be wary. 


Another indicator is looking at approved solar organisations or builders associations, and seeing their reputation within those circles. Depending on your location, these can be found easily and you should be able to find out if your prospective solar installer has trust within their community you should expect.




When looking to install solar in Australia, make sure to check off some things before starting. While a terrific investment for those looking to lower their energy bills and positively impact the environment, there can also be some things to look out for. We hope some of our favourite tips can help you on your next solar project. 



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