Things to Know For Vaping and E-Cigarette Basics

by Avinash Kaur Business Manager

If you are new to vaping and going to purchase your first e-cigarette, or want to find out a bit more about the different types available in vape store Dubai and how they work, then this blog is for you!

This can be called the Beginner’s Guide to Vaping…

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How E-cigs Work

An e-cigarette is made up of three key components:

  • E-Cig Battery
  • E-Cig Tank
  • E-Cig Coil

Types of E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes from different E-cigarette brands come in all shapes and sizes but they all use the above components to create vapor. Here are some of the most common types of e-cigarettes.

1-Cigalikes (Cig-a-likes)

They are called so because they look like a cigarette and consist of a disposable cartridge and a rechargeable battery. They do not have a button; once assembled they are activated.

The main benefit of it is that they are easy to use. Once the cartridge runs out, you just have to remove it and replace with another one.

These kits might be cheap but cartridges are usually expensive over the long run than e-liquid. You have a limited choice of flavors and the battery does not have much power.

2- Tank E-Cigs

They are more advanced devices and easy to use. They have a reservoir to hold e-liquid. It can be refilled with bottles of e-liquid. The main benefit of this is that it is money-saving in the long run and you have access to a wide range of delicious flavors!

They have more powerful batteries providing more power and more time between charges. Check the electronic cigarette price in UAE.

What is e-liquid?

It is the liquid used in e-cigarettes and contains the following ingredients:

  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • Food-grade flavorings
  • Pharma grade nicotine

Choosing an E-Liquid

While choosing make sure you are buying a quality product. There are numerous e-liquid manufacturers, but the liquid should pass quality testing procedures. It goes through.

  1. Testing: Buy e-liquid from a vape shop in Dubai has been properly tested. While testing, the strength of the e-liquid is verified and ensured that no harmful compounds are present.
  2. Flavor: New users often want to use a tobacco or menthol-flavored e-liquid. But you should try other flavors too. Most of the users find flavors that don’t remind them of smoking and are more effective.
  3. Nicotine: Most of the users want to reduce nicotine levels. But if you want to successfully switch to vaping, it is important that you are satisfied; in starting to use higher nicotine strength to keep you off the cigs.
  4. PG: VG Ratio: This varies from e-liquid to e-liquid and affects the experience. High PG will give more throats hit, while a high VG will be smoother.

Getting Started With E-Cigs

Cigalikes: This one is super easy; you just have to charge the battery, screw the cartridge and you are ready to go!

Tanks E-Cigs: It is just like the cigalike, ensure your battery is fully charged.

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