Everything You Need to Know About Fountain Pen Cartridges and Converters

by Avinash Kaur Business Manager

Fountain pens, especially piston-fillers, are one of the most popular collectibles and usable writing instruments in the world. They are also usually more affordable than other types of pens, and they can be relatively easy to maintain or repair if you know what you’re doing. 

Different Types Of Filling Systems

Before starting to use a fountain pen you need to know what a fountain pen converter and cartridge system are. The only difference between these two systems is that in the cartridge-based filing system ink cartridges have already been filled with ink and you just need to replace them with a new one while in a converter-based filing system empty cartridges are available which can be filled with your favorite color by yourself.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cartridges

A fountain pen Cartridge is further Comes in two types, that can be used in fountain pens. One type is a plastic cartridge that has disposable ink, while the other one is a metal converter. Plastic cartridges cost around 50 rupees in India. And they are the cheapest thing for fountain pens under 50 rupees.

Advantages Of Cartridges In Fountain Pen:

  1. They are disposable, hence you can throw them away after use.
  2. They are cheap at under 50 rupees.
  3. They are available in different colors, like black, blue, red, etc.
  4. They come in different sizes from fine to broad nibs.
  5. They are easy to use in fountain pens.
  6. Easy to replace when you run out of ink. 

Disadvantages Of Cartridges In Fountain Pen:

  1. They are not refillable, hence you can’t refill them with ink when they run out of ink.
  2. The ink is not permanent, it fades over time.
  3.  They are disposable, hence they are not environment friendly.
  4. They are not easy to find, especially if you live in small cities or villages

If you want to buy expensive as well as cheap fountain pen cartridges you can buy them from Luxor Writing Instruments Pvt. Ltd. stocks a wide range of fountain pens and related accessories.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Converters

A converter is a small piece of plastic or metal that screws onto your pen’s nib section. The converter holds ink, which you fill by dipping it into an ink bottle. Since you don’t have to buy cartridges, converters save you money in the long run.

Advantages Of A Converter In Fountain Pen:

  • Fountain pen with a converter is cheaper than a fountain pen with a cartridge.
  • Converter can be filled with any ink brand of your choice.
  • Converter is more environmentally friendly than a cartridge because it can be refilled again and again.
  • Converter can be used with any pen that accepts converter. 

Disadvantages Of A Converter In Fountain Pen:

  • Fountain pen with a converter is not as convenient as a fountain pen with a cartridge because you have to dip it into an ink bottle every time you want to write.
  • The ink level in the converter cannot be seen so you may run out of ink when you least expect it.
  • Converters can get clogged if left unused for a long time or if they are not cleaned properly after use.
  • If you don’t clean your converter properly, it can affect how well your fountain pen writes.


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