Things To Know Before Buying A Refurbished Mobile

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Refurbished Mobiles occupy a small fraction of the mobile market. In the last few years, mobile market noticed a rapid growth in the sale of Refurbished Mobiles. As Refurbished Mobiles are not new but as good as new smartphones, most of the people hesitate in buying them. Apart from that, many people don’t have a clear thought about refurbished mobiles. Most of the people consider Refurbished Mobiles as just another used phone. But the reality is different. Here are some important points you need to consider while buying a refurbished mobile.

What Are Refurbished Mobiles?

Refurbished Mobiles are those mobiles which have been returned to the seller because of any fault or the consumer changed their mind. Once it returned to the seller, the company cannot sell it again as a Brand New Mobile even if it is one day old. These smartphones later repaired and tested by experts. Refurbished Smartphones are the phones which have been reset to its factory default status by both software and hardware means. Refurbished mobiles go through various quality check by the experts in which they perform various tests to make it as good as a new mobile phone.

Why You Should Buy Refurbished Mobiles?

It depends on the choice of the person. If you frequently change your mobile phone or always want to be updated with the new technology, you should give a chance to Refurbished Mobiles. Appropriately, you will get a mobile phone as good as new and at the same time, you can save a lot of money. One should always buy a Refurbished Mobile from a certified Refurbished Mobile Company such as Yaantra.

Yaantra performs 36 stringent quality check on all the phones after refurbishing it. So, the mobile user doesn’t miss the feel of a new smartphone. These phones are generally tested and repaired by experts to make an exact same as a new phone. Yaantra also provide great deals and a year warranty on its Refurbished Phone 

Avoid Buying Used Phone

Used phones may be cheaper than Refurbished Phones but are less reliable. If a phone has a fault in it then you will get it with the same a  and you may need to spend some extra money to get it fix. Also, there is a risk of your safety as you don’t anything about the person who used the phone. Moreover, these phones don’t come with a warranty, which means if you, unfortunately, get a mobile phone with some huge fault, you may waste your money. But, In case of Refurbished mobiles, you are covered with a year warranty. Certified Refurbished companies repair used phones to the condition as similar to new mobile. As these companies are certified and registered hence you don’t need to worry about who was the last user of that particular phone. You can completely trust a refurbished mobile phone if it is from a Certified Refurbished Mobile Company, for instance- Yaantra.

Refurbished Mobiles Has Shorter Life Cycle- the Myth

It is one of the common myth regarding Refurbished Mobiles that it has a short life cycle. But, As Refurbished Mobiles restored by companies to its factory default status by both hardware and software aspects, these phones work as good as new mobile. Refurbished Mobiles go through various quality check by experts to ensure these phones work smoothly. It doesn’t shorten the life cycle of the mobile but definitely enhances it.

Make Sure Your Mobile phone Is Covered With Warranty

We should understand that all kind of electronic products may get some problem any time even if it is new. So, when you are investing a lot of money buying a Refurbished Mobile Phone, you should check if the company is providing you a warranty on the phone or not. Refurbished Mobile Company like Yaantra provides warranty of one year on all of its Refurbished Mobile phone.

The Final Verdict

Refurbished Mobiles has similar life span like a new mobile phone. These mobile phones are updated and less in price. So, it is always a good choice to opt for a refurbished mobile phone instead of a new mobile phone. Buying a refurbished Mobile will keep you updated with the latest configuration that too in much lesser price.


Refurbished Mobiles From Yaantra are reliable and works smoothly. Buy Refurbished Smartphones from there and avail a year warranty.  

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