Things to Know About Breast Reduction Surgery

by Ali Issa Plastic Surgery in Dubai

Breast reduction surgery is an elective procedure that involves the removal of excess breast tissue, skin, and fat to reduce enlarged breast size or to reshape the breasts. Breast reduction surgery is medically known as reduction mammoplasty and is performed for both cosmetic and medical reasons. Many women opt for breast reduction surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi to reduce the volume of the breast. Dr. Parag Telang, best cosmetic surgery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has performed many successful reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgeries to help his patients get desired breast contour.

What causes breast to enlarge?

Breast enlargement can occur as a result of a number of reasons such as genetic predisposition, hormone sensitivity, weight gain, and certain medications.

Why opt for Breast Reduction Surgery in UAE?
There are several reasons why women opt for Breast Reduction Surgery in UAE, such as:

  • Women with enlarged breasts can have a wide range of symptoms due to excessive breast weight such as back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, migraine, and also suffer from breathing problems due to enlarged breasts.

  • They may have grooves in their shoulders due to upper shape wear straps digging into the shoulders which can result in pain, depression, irritation, redness, or pigmentation in the shoulder area.

  • Some women experience rashes, irritation, infection underneath their breasts requiring medical treatments from time to time.

  • They face issues in finding the right fitting clothes.

  • They feel conscious of their appearance.

How is Breast reduction surgery in Abu Dhabi and Dubai performed?
Breast reduction surgery in Abu Dhabi and Dubai can help to get an ideal breast size and this surgery can be performed by following ways:

1. Liposuction surgery in Abu Dhabi: In the liposuction procedure, the surgeon makes small cuts in the breast skin and inserts a thin tube cannula connected to a vacuum that suctions fat and fluids from the breast. This procedure is best for small reductions and for the candidate whose skin will snap back into place or people who have good skin elasticity.

2. Breast Reduction Surgery with vertical incision: This procedure is for moderate breast reductions and visible sagging. Dr. Parag Telang, the best breast reduction surgeon in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, will make cuts around the areola and down to the crease beneath the breast, remove extra tissue and fat, reshape the breast and lift it.

3. Breast Reduction Surgery with inverted T or anchor incision: In this procedure, the surgeon will make cuts around the edge of the areola, from the areola to the breast crease and along the crease underneath the breast. This procedure is best for large reductions and for a candidate who has a lot of sagging or unevenness.

There are certain things about breast reduction surgery that the patient must know before opting for this procedure:

1. The patient might not be able to get the exact cup size they want. Depending on the size, breast composition, and goals, the breast can be reduced. Most breast reduction candidates go down one to two cup sizes. Dr. Parag Telang, the best breast reduction surgeon in Dubai, makes sure the patient is able to get the ideal breast shape and desired results.

2. The patient may get a slight breast lift too with this surgery. The surgeon removes excess tissue and skin to make the breasts smaller and then moves the nipples up in the position to give them a lift. However, if the patient desires a proper lift, Dr. Parag Telang recommends combining breast lift surgery with the breast reduction surgery.

3. The patient will have scars. The incision wounds will be swollen for a while. Bruising should disappear in seven to ten days. The swelling will gradually improve over several weeks. In most people, the scars improve significantly within a year after the surgery, but they are always there. Dr. Parag Telang, breast reconstruction in Dubai or Abu Dhabi prefers making incisions in the natural creases of the body to conceal them well. The scars fade away with time but if the patient wants laser treatment can be done for scar reduction.

4. There is a chance that the candidate will have decreased nipple sensation. Immediately after the surgery, the nipples might feel numb. Some sensation in the nipples almost always comes back, but it might take a month or two.

5. The patient may have drains fitted in the breasts after the surgery. Drains are thin, flexible tubes that sit under the skin and empty the fluid produced after the surgery into a small collecting bag. They help remove fluid and blood from the area. This can decrease swelling and discomfort while the patient heals.

6. It is common to have pain and soreness for a few days. The patient can take pain medicines during this time as per the recommendation of the surgeon. Resist the urge to scratch and ask the surgeon about applying creams or lotions.

7. Sleeping may be a challenge for a little while. Keeping the upper body elevated will help decrease discomfort and swelling. Most doctors recommend using several pillows, a wedge, or a recliner to prop the body while sleeping. The patient needs to stay on the back as much as possible during recovery - say the best plastic surgeons in UAE. It may help to position pillows under the knees and along the sides to prevent rolling.

8. The patient should not exercise or do anything strenuous for three to four weeks after surgery. The body needs the energy to heal itself, so vigorous exercise should be avoided. However, the doctor encourages the candidate to walk soon after the surgery. This helps in preventing the formation of blood clots. After the breast reduction surgery (in Dubai & Abu Dhabi) the patient must follow all the instructions given by the surgeon for faster recovery.

9. The size and appearance of the breasts will continue to change as the patient recovers. It can take a couple of months for the swelling to completely resolve. The breasts need time to settle into their new appearance. The scars will continue to change as well. Most women are happy with the results of breast reduction surgery as they experience an improvement in their quality of life as well as per the best plastic & cosmetic surgeons in Dubai.

Enlarged breast troubling you? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Parag Telang, cosmetic surgeon in Dubai or Abu Dhabi to know more about best breast reduction surgery in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, to achieve an ideal, well-shaped, and propionate breast shape.

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