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The Voice, Dialogue, Vocals, Riffs, could all fall towards the center speakers while Our Indian Audio Speakers are usually designed with some extra bass because we always need something extra! 

But due to lack of individual research in Audio Engineering and Science in order to strongly design a Center Speaker or even the entire set and variants of speakers, there is more focus on what People generally think they like and the cosmetic appeal, etc.

While we took this seriously during our research, we understood the importance of a Center channel Speaker and Front Left and Right channel Speakers!

Ideally the Center Channel should be capable not only in handling vocals or dialogue but even act as a mediator for the left and right and also interact strongly with the Subwoofer without compromising any frequency range or volume or decibel recommended for good and great listening experience.

Also, without a Center Speaker acting dynamically great or working average, the entire Surround speaker set up could be a waste and why a 2-Way Center Speaker India makes the most of efficient gear to your set up.

While choosing a Center Channel which is going to fire straight on to you mostly it is highly important to notice distortion free clean and natural dialogue and vocals and the highs through the tweeters need to be smooth and sharp not too shrilled or noisy. Beats should integrate with no sync or time delay with both Video and Bass drivers especially in line with the Subwoofer integration.

A Good 2-Way Center Speaker India should be heavy and big enough to have enough room to reproduce the sound stage support and make it up to the Set up contribution while standing unique within the set up.

Frequency variations cannot hit out too low below 80db or above 21000 HZ which technically hampers the set up to perform well and initially unilateral hits on front speakers and later the sound stage can be awkward or dull!

Very few Designers still make it a point to build a Floor standing/tower Speaker for the Center which scientifically makes lot of sense for any room environment to achieve a larger sound stage and resonance and reflection of sound waves to fill the sound around you and over you equally with equal contribution to its peers in the set up!

Unless someone has a problem hiding it or fitting it under the Television or Screen, it is a strong recommendation to consider for a superior surround setup!

Finally, another important note on a center speaker is that you do not need to hit on an entire set up for the sake of a poor performing Center Channel which would drill your pockets down and have no worth for your existing package resale, rather find a designer who customizes with the choice as per above suggestions on a specific Center Channel customized for your set up with even the choice of skin if possible to match your current team of Audio gear! That would make a massive difference and shift the overall performance way too better than before!

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