Things to Consider Before One Starts IVF Treatment

by Goral Gandhi Doctor
If you are willing to conceive, IVF or in-vitro fertilization can be a great way to get one step closer to your pregnancy, but when you are not certain about what the process involves, it may seem intimidating.

It is exciting and at the same time nerve-wracking to decide whether to do IVF or not. The process pushes you one step closer to get pregnant. But, without a clear idea of what to expect and to worry if it will work or not will put you on stress. There are many IVF clinics in Mumbai to help you out.  

IVF needs plenty of work and time

IVF involves intense labor and you need to visit the doctor multiple times. You will be on medications for 10 to 12 days; it helps to stimulate the ovaries for producing multiple eggs. In this period, you have to visit the doctor almost regularly for ultrasounds and blood work.

Once this phase is over, the eggs will be removed from your ovaries using general anesthesia and combined with the sperm of your partner in a laboratory. After five days, more embryos will be placed into your uterus. And you will visit the doctor after two weeks for a test to determine whether the process worked.

Health checkup

You must have a healthy weight, quitting your habits such as alcohol intake, tobacco, and other substance use to improve your IVF success rates. You must also consider getting medical conditions including diabetes and high blood pressure under control, before the attempt to getting pregnant. Before you start your search for Fertility clinics in Mumbai, make sure you carry a healthy body.

Side effects

You may sense more emotional during the IVF cycle because you are pumped full of hormones. Side effects like bloating or cramping in the pelvic area, pressure, uneasiness due to fertility injections, and breast tenderness are common. Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome can also occur because of the fertility drugs causing a woman to produce plenty of eggs. Other symptoms are severe pain, weight gain, swelling in the abdomen, shortness of breath, dizziness, vomiting, and nausea. If such symptoms occur, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.

Birth complications

Having several embryos implanted during your IVF can increase the chances of getting pregnant with many, enhancing the risk of low birth weight and premature labor. You can get genetic screening on embryos to reduce this risk and having just one transferred to the uterus.

Babies born through IVF have a higher risk of birth flaws in comparison with the general population. Though, such issues occur due to the nature of infertility rather than the treatment itself. For more details, contact the best Mumbai IVF clinic.

Your age impacts the success rate of IVF

IVF may not work for everyone. Some get pregnant in the first attempt; some may need repetition of the process once or twice while others may not get success even after trying multiple times. The success rate of IVF depends significantly on your age. If you are under the age of 35, the chances are higher for successful IVF. A fertility calculator is a useful element that helps you predict the chances of your success based on your fertility diagnosis and personal situation.


If you are facing odds to achieve pregnancy with IVF, you can consider other options such as donor embryos, donor eggs, or donor sperm, meaning you should not feel embarrassed or lose hope to get your dream family.   

If preimplantation genetic testing (which is about screening the embryo for chromosomal defects) is included in your IVF cycle, you may get to know the sex of the embryo.

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