Things need to keep in Mind While Train Your Horse.

by Ellie Smith Content Writer

Train Your Horse Without Tack

If we see a person riding their horse without tack, but in complete control and with a clear understanding, it truly is an incredible experience. The issue is how do we teach our horses to do this?

Actually, it's quite simple. So long as your horse understands the basic aids and can Concentrate upon you.

Your horse must know the Basi Aids.

For instance, being able to pull yourself away (slightly!) means slowing down, tightening your knees, and bracing your back.

Accelerate by using your lower leg "pushing" through your hips and permitting free movement with your neck rope

Turning is reining the neck (or through an indirect rein, i.e., "Horse Lead rope"). Therefore, if you'd like to turn to the right, you'll use the neck rope to place tension on the left shoulder of the neck, causing him to turn over. Also, you can make use of your right leg "push the horse's neck and place more weight on your outer seat bone.

Give Training to your horse with Neck Rope & Tack.

If you are lucky, you already have an impressively trained horse prior to working with your horse to become free of tack.

Your horse should be able to comprehend basic commands from the rider and be attentive to you at all times.

The reins should be tied to ensure that you are able to reach them, but they will not shift when you're not holding them. Then, you can practice by using *the neck rope* as an aid but remain secure.

Then, begin riding your horse using leg and body aids. Begin to train your horse to turn or stop, speed up or slow down as well as regular transitions. You are able to choose which neck aids will be used appropriately for the particular cue OR utilize similar aids to those previously mentioned.

When you're using tack, you must train your horse to react to the neck rope without crashing to the ground. Only after your horse is totally engaged to all of your instructions can you take the tack off.


Train Your Horse only with a Neck Rope

If you are the first to ride without tack, you should ride in a round pen or in a closed area if it is possible. When your horse seems enticed to respond to treats, make them an incentive for him to respond to your commands.

It is essential to be aware of how you handle a horse that is unfamiliar with tack. Begin with slow, steady work such as trot and walk until you're completely controlled. You can gradually move to ride classes, speedier work, and finally, within un-inclosed areas.

You may also opt to utilize two whips for schooling rather than a neck rope to guide your horse.


My role isn't that of a professional horse trainer or other professionals in the field of equestrian. I only offer tips on horse-related topics which I've had experience as the owner of a horse. Do not follow my advice without consulting an appropriate professional in equestrian.

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