Things every woman should do to make herself safe

by Yashi Ganguly Writer
Let’s make one thing very clear in the beginning. That woman is not weak. Those who think this way do not know women that well. Indeed it would be right though, to say that women are vulnerable. But that does not make them weak. For instance, a guy could be as helpless on a deserted street in front of four guys with the weapon as a woman.

The women do not need to see them as the weaker sex. They can be as courageous as any man. These days when automatic weapons and gadgets are common the physical prowess takes a back seat. Only your self-confidence and alertness can save you. You don’t have to be a Bruce Lee to defeat ten guys who are out to assault you. All you need is some safety tips for women that can help you decide what to do to avoid the mishaps. Apart from this only thing is you should be vigilant and should know how to save you from difficult situations. 

Some 1.9 million women are physically assaulted annually in the United States. Back home in India, the number is even higher. And as the majority of sexual assaults go unreported, the numbers from these studies may represent only a fraction of the violent of crimes against women. Though these numbers may seem frighteningly high, women need not view themselves as helpless victims.  

Here are a few safety tips for women that can go a long way in dealing with the difficult situations and mind you these could be vulnerable situations for men as well.

Most women do not realize that what you wear can make you vulnerable. No, I didn’t mean your looks but your ability to retaliate and run. A flowing dress can be a liability, same is true of high heels and tight skirts; while scarves and long necklaces are easy to grab. If you can modify your fashion style or wear comfortable clothing when walking alone. 

Next most important thing is to be always on an alert as if you are being watched or followed. And mind you if you are alert you will notice is very quickly and make a smart move to avoid the situation altogether. Always Keep Eyes and Ears Open, Hands-Free. It is important to be alert to who and what is around you. Talking on a cell phone or listening to headphones makes you easy prey for a predator. You could also carry Self defense equipment and learn to use them. 

Always make Eye Contact with the assailant if he is near you. It may be your first instinct to lower your gaze as you walk to your destination. But looking straight into the face of potential enemies is the better option.  Eye contact may give the impression that you are ready to fight rather than cow down meekly beside he would have the fear that he would be identified later.

Apart from this, you could change your habit a bit to become less vulnerable.  Change your routines frequently; do not use the same path every day. Try to have company if possible on unlit walkways and improve your walking time. Walk with purpose and fast; never give an impression as if you are loitering around. 

When it comes to safety and security being paranoid and suspicious is a virtue. It is always better to be safe than sorry.  If you have been attacked hit the Attacker Where It Counts. The eyes, knees, throat, and groin are very vulnerable, good places to gouge and kick. But listen to your instincts and try to determine if a counterattack by you is the best approach. If you do decide to fight, make sure your first move is as forceful as possible. It may be your only hope.

Finally, there is no point in hollow heroism. If you can run from the scene do so. If the predator has a gun but you are not under his control, take off and that could save your life as shooting a running target is not that easy. Last but not the least try anything and everything, scream, byte, throw up hysteria this can unnerve the assailant; offer your wallet, jump out at a stoplight, do something to cause an accident, or signaling to other drivers. Keep these safety tips for women handy and buy some Self defense equipment that can come handy. Think out of the box to stay alive and safe!

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