Things every whisky girl should know about whiskey

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Whiskey is an ancient drink, so there are plenty of things everyone should know about whiskey. In this article, we are going to share some basic things that every girl should know about the amazing drink before tasting it, so that you can share these facts at your next party and impress your friend group.

Today, a lot of women seem to be a whiskey drinker, but not all of them know what whiskey truly is. So, if you want to become a whiskey master, then read this article and know few basics about the whisky. These basic things have been brought to you by one of the Top Whisky manufacturers in India. So, let’s not waste time and proceed further.

There are different kinds of whiskey

There are different types of whiskies available in the market. The different types of whiskies are American whiskey, Scotch whiskey, Canadian whiskey and Irish whiskey. American whiskey is relatively sweeter than other whiskies. Scotch whiskey is distilled in Scotland and has a smoky and earthy flavour, as it prepared from barley and aged for at least three years. Irish whiskey is a light bodied whiskey, which is distilled in Ireland and aged for at least three years. Canadian whiskey distilled in Canada and is light bodied and relatively fruity.

Every whiskey contains a different level of alcohol

Every whiskey comes with different alcohol contents and these contents are measured in percentage and proof. The alcohol contents are usually mentioned on the label of the whiskey bottles. Canadian, Scotch, Irish and American whiskies contain a different level of alcohol, which you can easily find on the labels of the whiskey bottles.

Whiskey and Whisky is different according to the regions

The spelling depends upon the region where the spirit is distilled. Both are the correct spellings! Whiskey with an “e” comes from America and Ireland, but whisky without an “e” comes from Scotland, Canada and Japan. The spelling actually doesn’t matter, when you are drinking this amazing spirit. Just drink it and enjoy its real taste.

Even angels love whiskey

Whiskey is aged in wooden barrels and during this period, approximately 2% of liquid evaporates every year. Distillers used to think that angels were drinking the spirit as a type of tax. Now we know the science behind it, but just imagine guardian angels sitting on the cloud and sipping the refreshing cocktail of whiskey and enjoying its deep flavour and earthy smell. It is just amazing!

So, these are the things that every woman should know about whiskey. The one of the leading whiskey brands, Bang Brews have brought these points for you, so that you should know a bit about this amazing spirit. It is the leading manufacturer of Blended whiskey in India. The quality of their whiskey is just amazing and suitable for every occasion. The two well known brands of Bang Brews are Bang Bang and On the Rocks. They have amazing taste with an enchanting aroma that will enhance your senses.  

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