Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test

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This test measures the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) in our blood. The prostate is a gland that is part of the human reproductive system. It is located below our bladder and prepares the fluid for our semen. PSA is also a type of substance, which is produced by the prostate. Men have lower PSA levels than women. High PSA levels can be a symptom of prostate cancer. But low levels of PSA can be a problem other than cancer. They can also cause problems with prostate enlargement, such as infection or prostatic hyperplasia.

What is a Prostate-Specific Antigen Test?

The PSA test is used to check for prostate cancer. Screening is a test, in which the early stages of a disease like cancer are screened. In this way, treatment of these diseases is possible. Health organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) disagree that PSA screening should be used to screen for cancer. There are the following reasons for this:

Most prostate cancers grow very slowly. They grow so slowly that it can take decades for their symptoms to appear.

Treatment of very slow-growing prostate cancer is often unnecessary. Many men, despite having this disease, live a long life by staying healthy. They don't even know they have cancer.

Its treatment can lead to major side effects. These side effects may include erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction) and urinary incontinence (inability to hold urine). Rapidly growing prostate cancer occurs in a very small number of cases. But in some cases, they can also be dangerous. Other factors associated with this disease such as age, and family history are quite important. But the PSA test alone cannot tell the difference between slow and fast-growing prostate cancer. Therefore, it is better that you contact your doctor to get a PSA test done.

Why is a prostate-specific antigen test done?

Your doctor may recommend this test if you suspect you are at risk for prostate cancer. It may have the following signs:

If your father or brother has had prostate cancer.
If you are an African-American citizen, it is because African-American citizens are more likely to have prostate cancer. However, the reason behind this is not yet known.
Your age Because prostate cancer complaints are mostly found in men over the age of 50.
You may still need to have a PSA test if:

You have pain during urination or frequent urination and pain in your womb or back.
Have you ever been treated for prostate cancer before?
In such a situation, a PSA test can be helpful in monitoring and treating your health.

Before PSA Test

For 24 hours before this test, you will have to refrain from having sex or sexual intercourse. Because it is believed that the release of semen can increase the level of PSA in your body.

During the PSA Test

During this test, a blood sample is taken from a needle in your arm. A small sample of blood is taken from your hand with a needle. This sample is placed in a tube or a vial. You may feel slight pain when the needle is inserted to collect the sample. This whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

What are the risks of a prostate-specific antigen test?

A blood test is done for this test, so there are no special risks of this test. There may be a slight pain when the needle is pricked while removing the blood sample for this test. There may be a slight wound at the injection site but it heals quickly.


What do prostate-specific antigen test results mean?

High PSA levels indicate non-cancerous conditions like cancer or prostate infection. These can be cured with antibiotics. If your PSA level is higher than normal, your doctor may recommend further tests. which are the following:

Rectal Exam:

For this test, your health care provider will examine your prostate with a gloved finger in your rectum.

It is a kind of small surgical investigation. In this test, a small sample of the patient's prostate cells can be taken and examined. If you want to know anything about your test report, talk to your doctor.

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