The Yoga poses to alleviate anxiety

by Inner Yogatraining At Inner Yoga, we believe in bringing back balance

We all will accept that not just a bit, but anxiety can be a big hassle in the proper functioning of the brain and body. Persistent fear, depression, or anger can lead to situations in your life which might be an obstacle in your growth be it personally or professionally. If you have been to Yoga Teacher Training Retreats, you would know that being composed is what is taught first. Yoga Teacher Training will help you in learning techniques that not only throughout the Yoga Instructor Training but also after that will help you in reducing the levels of anxiety. Here are a few poses that you can try to alleviate anxiety.

The Child’s Pose

Known as the place of rest, Child’s Pose is the most relaxing pose when it comes to rejuvenating yourself between the transitioning of difficult poses in the Yoga Teacher Training Retreats. It reduces the tension build in the neck, shoulders, and back region. You will be relaxed with the steady yet conscious breathing by doing the Child’s Pose.

The Tree Pose

It is a fundamental pose when it comes to reducing the levels of anxiety. While working off the standing balance, you tend to focus and concentrate more on moving your mind away from the causes of anxiety and to pay more attention to your physical self. You will learn in the Yoga Teacher Training, that this pose keeps away many anxiety triggers.

The Headstand

A good practice is needed to perform this pose, but the practice is worth the benefits that this pose has. Headstand reverses the flow of blood in the body, which leads to diverting your focus away from anxiety and directing it towards the breathing movements. When you join a Yoga Instructor Training, you will practice headstand, and then when you master it, you can do it anytime to reduce anxiety.

The Legs Up the Wall Pose

The leg up the wall pose is great in relieving the lower back pain and also the anxiety issues. You just need a wall to perform this pose. And, not just anxiety, it is a boon in reducing the menstrual cramps, insomnia, and arthritis as well. If the place is silent and serene, it will be even better to see the results of the pose.

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