The Worst Possible Stains Which Ruin Your Carpets- An Account

by James Spencer Blogger

Believe it or not- Your carpets catch stains faster than you can say- ‘Ohh, God!'  And to make matters worse- some stains are so terrible that one spill (and not responding to it immediately after) can ruin your expensive carpets for good.

So, try to keep these few liquids as far away from your carpets as possible!

Let’s begin.

  • RED WINE:-

First in this list is Red wine. They consist of chromogens and tannins, which gives it its delicious colour. But, when you spill them over your carpet surface, it goes deep inside the carpet fabric and ruins its appearance.

  • COFFEE:-

Coffee stains and spills are difficult to remove from wherever they happen. And what makes it a sheer nightmare is that is they oxidise quickly and make it impossible to remove from your carpets on your own.

  • INK:-

The purpose of ink is to leave a permanent mark on any surface it is used. If accidentally; you’ve spilled ink over your carpets, then you’re in trouble.


Blood never lies. It is one of the toughest stains to remove from your expensive carpet surface. Many a times, when they dry completely, they cease to disappear no matter how hard you try to remove it using your DIY cleaning techniques.

The wise thing to do would be to dilute the area using warm water and apply 2 tablespoons of grease-fighting detergents mixed with cold water over the stained area. This will give you a chance to remove it while it has not dried.

But, if it has, then the only way to save your blood-stained carpets is summoning professional carpet cleaners in Brisbane to remove it for you.


Although your furry canine friend may be adorable to you; they do tend to have a naughty habit of peeing on your carpet surface. You may be willing to forgive Milo for this mischief, but you certainly cannot ignore the fact that once their pee stains dry; it becomes harder to remove.

In addition, its stinky ammonia smell can make your interior space in-congenial for you and your family members.

  • PAINT:-

It is highly recommended that when you are performing an interior paint job, you should remove your expensive carpets from the room. The reason being, once those paint marks, spills or stains settle on your carpet surface, they are very difficult to get rid of with DIY cleaning methods. If anything; you risk making it worse.


Everyone loves chocolates. After all, what’s not to like about it. Hold on, there is- the stain it leaves behind on your carpets because of your reckless consumption.

Plus, being dark in texture; once spilled…and dried, it leaves it a rather un-appreciative mark on the carpet surface.

Hire Pro Carpet Cleaning Experts To Tackle All These Tough Stains Whenever Encountered

God forbid, your carpet gets stained with any one of these. But accidents always happen unannounced, and when they do, it can turn your frenzied mood into a frustrating one, in mere seconds.


To ensure these stains are removed properly without hampering the quality and fabric of your pricey carpets, get in touch with top-shelf carpet cleaning specialists serving throughout Brisbane and schedule a clean-up appointment.

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