The working Strategies for Beginners in Digital Marketing

by Ahmad Shakeel Blogger
.  So let's go to the Questions report,  where you can see popular questions people are searching for on your topic.  And right away, you'll see great topic ideas  like "how to clean makeup brushes"  and how to cover acne with makeup.  Now, when you're creating these videos, try  and keep the fluff out and pack in as much  necessary value as possible.  Doing this has helped us grow our YouTube  views to over 150,000 views per month  and best of all, since all of our videos show  how our SEO tools can help,  it's led to thousands of new paying leads and customers,  specifically mentioning that they found us through YouTube.  Most of our video growth was done through  YouTube SEO, so I'll leave links to a tutorial  to help you rank your videos and get more views.  Next up is social media marketing.  Rather than covering every social media network,  I want to pass on a couple of important tips  that will help you grow your social channels.  The first is to focus on just one social media  channel when you're just starting out.  It takes time to build a following.  But numbers aren't everything & Web design service.  

What you want is a loyal following.  When you dip your toes into every possible  social media network out there,  your attention gets divided and the results get diluted.  So which social media marketing channel do you choose?  That leads us into the second tip,  which is to go where your target audience is   and cater to the platform.  If you have to choose just one social network,  it's not about choosing the one with the most active users.  It's all about understanding the audience  that's there and if you can serve the reason  for them being there.  You really need to think about why someone  is logging into the specific social media network.  For example, people usually go to YouTube  to learn how to do something, or to be entertained.  But Facebook is different. Think about it.  

Have you ever logged onto Facebook, hoping that you would see an unboxing tutorial?  Or better yet, have you ever opened your Facebook  app hoping you would find a limited time offer that's 97% off, only for the next 37 minutes?  Probably not.  People don't check Facebook with credit card in hand.  People like and share things that are helpful,  interesting, shocking or funny.  So if you are going to try and bring people  into your world, present your message as  a story, video, or something else that will  likely stand out from the endless feed  of vacation vanity shots.  Pinterest on the other hand is primarily a  social search engine  where people can control what they want to search for.  The primary intent of users on this platform  is to get inspired, learn things, and plan to do things.  So create content that caters to their intent   for being there.  So if this is your audience, take advantage  of a less competitive landscape from both  an ads and organic perspective.  Speaking of ads, that's the next digital marketing  strategy on the list for today.  When it comes to paid advertising, please do not   throw your money blind into an ad network  because you read that it was good.  What works for one person won't necessarily  work for the next person.  Instead, think about the ABCs of paid advertising.  A is for audience, B is for budget  and C is for commerciality.  We've already covered the audience part.  You want to engage on social networks where  your target audience hangs out.  Budget is the next one.  Bloomberg reported that Google and Facebook  own a combined 58% of the $111 billion dollar market.  Now, the way ads work are usually based on auctions.  The more advertisers there are, the more expensive  it gets for you and I.  So let's say you're in the ultra competitive  industry of conference calling.  If we search for that keyword in Keywords  Explorer with Google set as the search engine,  you'll see that the cost per click from Google Ads is $20!  If you have an ad budget of let's say $1,000  per month, then you'd only be able to get  50 clicks before your budget was depleted.  Instead, you can do two things:  The first option is to look for keywords that  have a lower cost per click.  Just go to the Phrase match report to see  all keywords in our keyword database that  contain your target keyword.  Next, set a filter to only show keywords that  have a maximum cost per click  of something lower like $5.  From here, you can filter through the list  and see if there are some more lucrative opportunities  rather than spending $20 per click.  This one for a "conference call app" might  be a good one since it's a quarter of the price.  Another benefit is that the reason behind  the searcher's query is more clear.  Someone searching for this is clearly looking  for an app that does conference calls,  whereas someone searching for just "conference   call" could be looking for many different things.  

The second thing you can do is experiment  with less popular ad platforms  where your target audience might be.  Finally is commerciality.  Now, all major ad platforms are able to bring  ROI for their advertisers.  Otherwise, they wouldn't exist.  But you have to find a way to bridge the gap  between the intent of the platform  and how you monetize your products.  And the solution is going to be content.  For example, let's say you sell boutique furniture  and think that Pinterest will be a good platform  to run some ads.  In my opinion, it wouldn't be a good idea  to advertise a bunch of links to high-end  furniture like couches and dining tables.  Instead, blog posts could work really well  here since people log on to Pinterest mainly  to get inspired, and learn new things.  Here's what that bridge might look like.  Pinterest ads would be the discovery tool.  You pay them money and they'll show your pin.  The bridge would then be a helpful blog post  on let's say, "11 Interior Design Tips For  Your Living Room That Won't Break the Bank."  And within that content, you could showcase your products where it supports the tip you're speaking of.  Nail the ABCs of paid ads, and increase your  chances of actually converting your hard earned  dollars into ROI.  Next up is one of my favorites and that's podcasts.  Now, there are two ways to look at podcasts.  First is to create your own and the second  is to be interviewed on someone else's podcast.  Creating your own podcast can be great for  brand and building an audience.  But if you're just starting out, it can take  quite a bit of time to get any sort of traction.  Getting interviewed on podcasts is a different story.  

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