The way DVCOMM.IN will Change the Dynamics of Indian E-Commerce Market

by Dvcomm India Online Shopping Website

The Indian eCommerce market is currently being dominated by giants namely Flipkart and Amazon. Any competitors aiming to overrule the dominance of the previously mentioned players are left with no choice but to play along with the David Vs. Goliath theme. This generally overwhelms the competitors and leads to them failing in their quest. That is mostly because the competitors fail to offer a new perspective to the world of eCommerce. DVCOMM in an up and coming online store that mainly focuses on providing its customers with high-quality IT and networking solutions. The following discusses how the arrival of DVCOMM will change the dynamics of the Indian eCommerce Market.


How DVCOMM is Different?

While Amazon and Flipkart focus on providing its customers with a wide variety of products from different domains, DVCOMM believes in specializing in providing its audience with the highest quality of products from a single domain rather than dividing their attention and resources to multiple fields. This allows DVCOMM to enhance their trade by not comprising the quality to provide more quantity. The strategy that DVCOMM is applying is an ideal one, and it is bound to have a positive impact on the future of the company.

DVCOMM mainly focuses on providing the Indian audience with innovative smart IT solutions. The initial aim for the company is to usher an era of technological advancement and understanding among the Indian audience. Along with the same, DVCOMM also acts as a platform for innovative IT developers to showcase their products to the audience.

Adding to the already unique nature of DVCOMM, their unwavering dedication towards their customers is also something that will build on the company’s bright future. The 24x7 customer support that they provide along with a flexible return, refund, and cancellation policy happens to be a feature that ensures the company’s share of the market.


DVCOMM offers several character-defining features that set them apart from their competition. Each of the same is detailed in the following:

  1. Remote and Off-Site Support - DVCOMM ensures that their customers don’t have to refer to third parties for any kind of support for their purchased products. They offer expert help remotely, regardless of where the customer is speaking from. The representatives at the customer support end are well-aware of the inner workings of their products and hence, are capable of resolving any kind of technical issue that the customer might have.

  2. Free Shipping - Regardless of where you live in India, the products purchased through DVCOMM will be delivered to you without any additional shipping charges. This builds a long-term relationship between DVCOMM and its frequent buyers. DVCOMM doesn’t believe in incurring any hidden charges to their customers which makes them one of the ideal online stores for any IT-related needs.

  3. Earn and Redeem Credit Points - DVCOMM values every single customer that they’ve built. To reward the loyalty of frequent customers, DVCOMM has set a credit point feature in place. With each purchase, the customers gain a few credit points. After accumulating enough points, the customer can redeem the same for a product which is equivalent of the credit points that the customer has earned.

  4. 24x7 Tech Support - To further delight their customers and to ensure that they don’t have to endure any hardships to get the required technical support, DVCOMM provides 24x7 Tech Support. They believe that regardless of what hour it is on the clock, the customer shouldn’t have to struggle with the product that they’ve purchased from DVCOMM. Customers can call the customer support line from anywhere and at any time to get the required support for their products.

  5. DVCOMM Assured Refurbished Products - Refurbished products are deemed ideal when it comes to buying products on a budget. Although, they are also regarded as a gamble as there is no guarantee if the purchased product will even function like it is supposed to. DVCOMM aims to establish a sense of trust when their customers are purchasing refurbished products from the website. DVCOMM provides their own assurance with the refurbished products to develop a sense of trust between the company and the customers.

  6. Lower Prices Than Flipkart and Amazon - Unlike many other startups, DVCOMM is hesitant in recognizing the abilities of their competitors. DVCOMM aims to provide comparably lower prices than Flipkart and Amazon to give the customer a better platform to buy IT-related products from. Along with that, they also aim to provide products that one can rarely find on the competitor websites and that too at an affordable price point.

How is it Going to Impact the Indian E-Commerce Market?

DVCOMM’s approach to eCommerce is uniquely familiar yet strikingly different from the usual approach that we see with startups. Most of the startups forget their humble beginnings and aim at the very top from the inception of their company. This leads to the startups getting distracted from their ultimate purpose - to serve their customers to the best of their abilities.

DVCOMM ensures that they don’t traverse the same path as others. The company remembers where they started from and their strategy to climb one step at a time is as efficient as it is humble. Instead of approaching varying domains to offer comprised quality on their products, DVCOMM instead aims to first specialize within the IT department. They do so by providing high-quality IT solutions which were previously unheard of within the Indian market or required to be shipped from foreign lands.

Along with being the ideal platform for buying IT products, DVCOMM also serves another noble purpose - to provide a platform for which Indian innovators. Through DVCOMM, regional and innovative IT products can be showcased to the Indian audience. This was previously difficult as showcasing regional products on websites like Amazon and Flipkart required a considerable amount of resources which startups generally lack.

DVCOMM’s approach is bound to force the Indian E-Commerce market to alter their strategy to specialize under one domain instead of dividing their attention with varying fields.