The Vital Role That Playgrounds Play in Your Child’s Growth

by Austin Stanfel Building a Foundation for the Future
All child has the right to learn, grow and play. That is what all parents must foster. Also, what if I told you there is a great place, where a child can do all three? The playground, at times, is an immensely underrated staple of the community. Most families opt to remain indoors and don’t reap the benefits that the local park can provide. Even worse, many children grow up in front of the television, or using gadgets and have never actually enjoyed a good outside romp. Without you knowing it, these actions have adverse effects on the development of your child. Not only does it affect the development of their muscles and bones, but it also affects the development of key areas of their brain. With that being said, in this article, you will be better informed on the largely positive effects that playing at your local playground can offer for the development of your child.

1. Stronger Bones and Muscles

As stated earlier, the first benefit that your child can gain by playing at the playground equipment is stronger muscles and bone. Have you ever heard the saying that if you don't use it, you are going to lose it? Well, luckily, the playground offers a wide variety of playground objects, such as the monkey gym and the see-saw. Also, there are wide open fields that your child can run and play which helps to build up those muscles, making your child stronger and more athletic in the process.

2. Makes them Nimble

Being quick on their feet is a huge plus that your child can have. Not only will they gain strength when playing games or playing on the playground objects, but they can also become more nimble. Thinking of training your child to play a sport? Well, this is a great place to start. Allow them to play games with their playground friends like Tag, and they will gain that skill in no time.

3. Build that Immune System

Moving off the physical attributes, it is time to look at the positive effect that the playground has on the immune system of your child. The playground is full of germs, bacteria, pet dander, pollen, and microbes. Many parents run from these pathogens, but what should be done is to make your child face the pathogens and mount a good defense against them. This will make your child’s immune system stronger and better able to fight another infection if it arises.

4. Build Impressive Social Skills

On the more softer side, are social skills. However, just because they are seen as different from physical prowess does not mean that they are not as important. When your child socializes with their play friends on the playground, they will learn important skills like empathy, good communication, and listening skills, leadership qualities and inter- and intrapersonal skills. These all culminate into high emotional intelligence which is the major factor for future success. 

A playground is a place that one can come to play, learn and develop. Your child will gain a jumpstart in life if they develop certain attributes such as physical prowess, strong immune system, agility, and high emotional intelligence. Remember that your local playground has free admission, so there is no good reason why you should not consider this opportunity to start a brighter future for your child.

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