The Use of 308nm Laserin Vitiligo Treatment and Skin barrier repair

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Vitiligo is basically a skin condition where skin patches lose their color. This is a long-term issue affecting people of all ages, ethnic groups and genders. The skin patches start appearing when melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin, die off. The area of the skin affected by this condition might vary from one person to another. Vitiligo can even affect the interiors of the mouth, the hair and the eyes. In majority of the cases, the areas affected by this condition remain discoloured for the entire life of the person. Vitiligo is a photo-sensitive condition which means the areas of the skin affected by this condition tend to be more sensitive to the sun’s light in comparison to the ones that are not. Vitiligo treatment, when done in the right way can help in decreasing the visibility of the issue.

Using Sunscreen and the Use of Phototherapy with UVB Luminary

Experts recommend the use of sunscreen as the lighter skin patches tend to be sensitive to the rays of the sun and are susceptible to burning easily. Exposure to UVB or ultraviolet B lamps can also help in decreasing the occurrence of this condition. This is a home treatment that needs an effective lamp to be used on a regular basis. Going for this treatment in a doctor’s clinic will require two to three visits every week. This treatment can take time.

Restoring the Skin Barrier

There are some aspects of the skin that are beyond repair like genetics and aging but the good news is no matter what type of skin you have, it is always possible to restore the skin barrier. Skin barrier repair is best done by quitting smoking and eating healthy but there are other important tips that can also prove to be beneficial in the long run. First of all, you need to avoid the use of harsh skincare essentials. Majority of the skincare products available in the market might fix your issue temporarily but with continued usage, these products can weaken and disturb the barrier of the skin. Therefore, it is always a good idea to use nature-given and gentle ingredients.

Avoid Overdoing Anything

Experts are of the view that exfoliation is necessary for removing the dead cells of the skin and for clearing skin pores. Nevertheless, too much of not just exfoliation but anything can serve to be counterproductive. If you exfoliate your skin too much it can result in surface micro tears removing several layers of the skin cells. This can further result in extreme skin sensitivity and redness. Physical exfoliates such as seeds; nutshells and spices are too harsh. Skin cleaning with some of the most aggressive formulas can starve the skin barrier of balance. So, it works to be super gentle on the skin and to nurture it in the healthiest way possible.

Everything about 308nm Laser Treatment

The 308nm laser treatment helps with different skin problems like Vitiligo, psoriasis, common lichen and alopecia areata. The advanced treatment makes use of laser technology where laser emits UVB or ultraviolet B radiation wave that helps in reducing skin inflammation.

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